Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Bought a New Body!

Technically!! While out and about shopping for everything I wasn't supposed to buy, this workout dvd found its way into my cart and in my Little Red House. I am a DIE HARD Denise fan. I used to burn butter every morning back when Lifetime used to air her awesome workouts. Since that has stopped, so has my daily activity.
Since I am starting the New Year NOT pregnant, I might as well make use of the time in between by getting fit! I always wanted to lose those extra pounds from baby #5, 4, 3, 2 and gulp...#1! What better way to pass those weeks than to see my old thin and trim body back! This is not on my resolution list since at any moment (prayerfully) it will be thrown out the window once that little white stick turns pink!
I have yet to try it. Im waiting for the "perfect" time. Hey, don't judge. Have YOU ever tried to exercise with 5 kids in the room? Yeah, need I say more? During crucial moments of bending and stretching in the most inhumane positions, gasping for my next pathetic breath since Im sadly out of shape (I get winded walking up the stairs)... I hear..." Ma... Maaa, MOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM..."
Word of caution. When I exercise... DON'T talk to me. Don't look at me, Don't even breath in my direction. It takes all my energy to focus in on what Im doing.
My children have learned this lesson the hard way, and thus raising my blood pressure to an all new record!
But, Im determined. I will conquer. I will lose the weight and I will look amazing... until Im pregnant again. Then I will gain it all back with a merry fat heart.


  1. You go Gap Girl! Amen to all that: )

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  3. Good luck with your efforts and the pink stick...I would have had another pink/blue stick too if God had opened that I am praying for you!!

    Rhonda ~

    PS.. I will be breathing hard or barely breathing with you this week as I start my new excercies regimen...uggh..but We CAN DO IT!

  4. I say good for you to put out the effort! And I pray the Lord gives your kids the patience to allow you to do it, and you the stamina, the grace, and the pure WILL to keep it up.

    I have 4 kids, and I know it is difficult. I haven't seen this one by Denise, I will have to look into it!

  5. I just pulled out a pic from several years ago when my 10 year old was 2. I had my thin body back and it is so motivating to have myself staring back at me every morning! I was always very thin and high metabilism, then I had my 5th and last, I might add, and it's been 2 years and I actually ended up weighing more than I did on my due date!

    My Mom has graciously given me a month at the gym...WITH CHILD CARE! and now I can go an hour a day and get that workout time in! You really don't realize how much exercise can truly revitalize your mood, and over all well being. But Jesus knew that didn't He?! = )

  6. It's nice to see another die hard Denise Fan ;)
    Thanks for visiting today :)
    ~Morris Mama

  7. You sound like me and working out and Denise Austin. I am going to start working out again, until the stick turns pink :)



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