Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho. Its off To Gap I Go...

This morning my inbox greeted me with wonderful news. Gap is having a fabu sale. An additional 20% off of sale items. PLUS I have a 20% off coupon to be used on a non-sale item. Time to go in my closet, put on my Gap jeans and shirt, spray some of my Gap perfume and shop! I can't wait!
Yes, I know... there are more important things happening in this world but Im a girl, 'Nough said! =)


  1. Happy New Year!

    I have you an award on my blog...


  2. Alright - you are getting me in the mood to go to my local Gap. I used to shop there all the time, when our store was in our mall. But for some crazy reason, they decided to open their own shop - by its self. Its ACROSS the street from the mall. Well, now I never go there. I mean, with kids in tow - (and after shopping at the mall), I don't feel like making the extra stop.

  3. Oh how I miss the Gap...and a few other FABULOUS stores of my old California home...They have to have a Gap somewhere here in Montana. I just may have to drive a few hours...ugh ;)

  4. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :) I needed it today. It's funny how sometimes it comes from someone you don't even know :)

  5. Yay, how fun!! I absolutely love sales too so I know how you feel:)

  6. If that were me, it'd be DANGEROUS. I'm pretty sure that's why the Lord sent me to be married to a missionary in PERU... so that I would be able to control myself when it comes to shopping at GAP, sale or no sale! Of course there's always Gap ONLINE! Woohoo! hahaahah



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