Friday, January 15, 2010

Mayhem and Madness

Home ec was declared today as we prepared for my Hannah Banana's 11th birthday party (tomorrow). My house will be filled... no, really filled with tween girls. Giddy, glossy and hyper.
As for mommy... im pooped. I have made over 3 cakes, melted 2 lbs of white chocolate, dyed cake pops in all pretty colors, wrapped and tied, made tissue paper flowers, ice cream cone cakes and chiseled more hard chocolate off my counters than I care to admit. My kids diet consisted of... well, sugar.
It will be a hit though, and the best party these kids have had in a while. The hard work will pay off.
As I sit here folding tissue paper into pretty shapes, I think that it might not be too long from now that I will be up late and exhausted from making other types of crafts. Bridal shower gifts, wedding centerpieces and cute baby shower keepsakes. I guess this is the start of many late night crafting events to come.
I smile. Deep down I love it.
I will fall into my bed tonight utterly exhausted (and smelling sweet). My home will be left in a pink and green mess.
I will wake up tomorrow renewed and busy. Party excitement will be in the air. Punch will be made and last minute decorating will be thrown on whatever stands still.
But I will pause for a moment. I will enjoy that this is just a pretty party for my 11 year old. Once the party is over, It will be cleaned up and she will take all her treasures up the stairs into her room to sleep.
Today, she is my little girl. She is home with me..
"Tomorrow" might come too quickly... so today I will enjoy.


  1. I am super impressed! It will be a great party, I know!

  2. agree- very impressive! Love those tween years, we are just about to hit the big 13 here, scary!

  3. You've been a busy lady! Love your house in the banner photo...LOVE IT. Thanks for stopping by my blog!



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