Monday, January 25, 2010


Growing up as a public-school kid I was fascinated with history. Mainly Ancient Civilization. Egypt, Rome, The Greeks. I loved it all. I participated in the Greek Olympics and proudly wore my toga thru the school gym as a Spartan!
I made Egyptian Jewelry for my social studies project and spent most of my time at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art in the Pyramid and Mummy halls. Amazing!!
I learned all their was to know (at that age of coarse) and I was happy!!
I also grew up as a Sunday School girl. A Missionette!! (FOR JESUS!) My chart was filled with stickers for memorizing my Sunday School verses, I knew all the New Testament stories and had the ABC'S of salvation down pat!
Fast-forward many years and my mind is still segregated. World history over here and biblical history over there.
After church yesterday, Hubby sat down to watch a documentary on the egyptian pyramids and the Shpinx. I half watched as I surfed the net. I heard all these scientists babble about how amazing the structures were, who made them and how!!!
A few years back something so simple dawned on me!!! The Hebrew slaves, the ones who Moses delivered all those years ago, were the ones responsible for those ancient wonders!... in my eyes at least.
I began doing some research as this documentary continued. Exodus never names specifically what Pharaoh was in place during the great Exodus nor does it give us a specific year, but thanks to a few books ahead (and before) times are listed and timelines can be made.
My research took me all over and right before my eyes, my public history lessons and my sunday school lessons collided. The two became one! It was amazing.
Perhaps this is not as profound to most people. But for me, the angels sang. For 15 years I have segregated the two. Never making the connections of where the bible stories and the school lessons would intertwine. No one told me, no one mentioned that possibly during Caesars " E to Brutus" moments, Paul.. the greatest missionary of all times was in the middle of writing his letters.
I never made the connection of the Hebrews building the great pyramids. Bible time lines and secular time lines begin to slowly interweave.
On skype last night with my cousins (who happen to be visiting my sissy-Cindy-lu in NY0 our topic turned to just this. My cousin's wife (a TRUE homeschool scholar) began rattling off countless forms of information to me. Where both sets of history collide and why/where are the records.
Im on a mission. Im going to stop the segregation of world history. My journey begins today. Whenever I can, I will research. I will be buying books and studying timelines.
In 2 weeks my girls start a new History subject! The Ancient World... how convenient. I plan on learning right along with them, soaking in everything these Christian educators have to say.
My children will not have a segregated view of history as I knew it anymore!
I am excited to uncover "secrets."
I will be hanging timelines and world maps on our walls.
Dvds will be watched and studied.
Can you feel the excitement?
Records on the Old testament will be slim as paper was just being invented over in China during certain times (thanks again Alicia) but I will do my best to learn everything I can. Perhaps I will become a walking history buff. We homeschool, so we can all join in on the fun.
Reason # 73976 of why I love homeschooling my kids....

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  1. Mystery of History - the curric I will use with the boys when they get a bit older (7th-8th grade) Check it out. It is a curric that combines secular history and biblical history.



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