Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Last night we welcomed in a new year along with a new decade. For the first time ever, my Hannah Banana actually stayed up (barely) to watch Dick Clarks Rockin-New Years Eve ball drop in Times Square. For years past my poor 2nd born would fall asleep on the couch just minutes before the big moment. We would try and wake her but to no avail, she was exhausted.
Before that big moment, We all had our favorite dinner (tacos) decorated the house with streamers and hats and headed out the door. After sparklers, blow horns and echoing screams, the littles went to bed and the 4 of us had some great family time together.
Now that the first day of the New Year has almost come to a close, I will formally list my resolutions. These are things I have been thinking about alot the last week. Some are silly and pretty cliche, others are dear to my heart and I share them with you as another motivational tool to make them happen.

1) Lose those annoying last 10 pounds that have been following me all thru the town!

2) Sift thru my home and organize to the fullest. Not just clean. I have the deepest desire to go beyond normal day to day clearing and really make sure every little thing has its perfect place. I want to go beyond plastic storage bins and invest in decorative boxes, baskets, fabric bins and even a custom label maker. Hobby Lobby will be my newest and dearest bestie. Coordinating correspondence stationary with matching push pins, photo holder, letter opener, note pad, folders weekly calendar and mouse pad. (some of which I already have) My dearest hubby bought me more shelves for the garage and a nice 4 drawer filing cabinet. I can't wait!! Every closet, every corner, every cabinet will have a make-eovr. I already started in the kitchen and the downstairs LV room closet. What a difference that has made!

3) Every year my church publishes a bible reading plan book. If done according to the calendar and their scriptures, I would have read the entire bible in one year!! Every year I try and every year I fail. This will not be another year I let it slip away from me. With my organization resolution and with new order and scheduling taking place in my home, I am determined to read each and every day. I look forward to the wonderful plans God has in store for me thru this new goal.

4) Continue to be an even better help-meet to my husband and loving mother to my children. My 2 favorite books will remain on my nightstand and will be picked up often when I need encouragement and ideas. Understanding our full roles that God gave us enriches our lives more than we will ever know.

5) Let go and let God.
For my faithful readers, you all know the struggles I have had the past 2 years trying to conceive and keeping my pregnancies. It has not been an easy road... especially when friends and acquaintances have come and gone along the pregnancy road. They welcome their babies with such ease. Its hard to remain hopeful sometimes. Its hard to accept reality. Its just plain hard.
I want to leave all that behind. Its such bondage. It takes effort to feel that way and sucks the smile right off of my face. I hope and pray that this year will change. Not just in a successful pregnancy but in just an overall attitude. Gapboy and I will leave our family planning up to God. We don't use any forms of prevention but are well versed in ourselves to know when is good and when is bad.
I pray I can leave all emotions at Jesus's feet and be completely satisfied with His provisions...whatever they may be. I pray I can wait in faith. Peacefully. I pray that no matter the outcome, my heart will be healed. I pray for God to completely handle this situation.100%. I can't handle it on my own. I don't even know what to pray for anymore... its time to hand it over. It won't be easy but thats why its a resolution. It might take all year to accomplish but I will give it my all.

6) FINALLY finish decorating my beloved Little Red House... but then again... are we ever done decorating ;) I hope not!

My list is not long but it is meaningful. A year that will not be wasted. A year that will not find me wondering where the time went. Every moment is precious and every moment needs to be used for good. I pray I can make that happen, even when I have bad days, a messy house and unruly children. Tomorrow is a new day and order can always be restored.!



  1. Your list is very meaningful! A very good one at that!

    Blessings to you as the New Year begins - and God's strength that He will see you through!

  2. Our kids stayed up for the first time this year!! My oldest is also 11 :) I can sympathize with you on at least 4 of the 6... Bible reading, last few pounds, organization and decorating. We had our first miscarriage right before number 5, it was very difficult, especially maintaining perspective afterward. I praise the Lord for his sweet intimate care for me in those days. He is SO good and so very right in all He does.

    I'm excited to have found you ;)
    Amy - personal blog - homeschool blog



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