Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Final Thought For 2009

"There is freedom in submission and
Bondage in rebellion"
Lisa Bevere

Last night I happily went to wednesday night service. I sat among the other handful of church members who come out during the week (and the very cold temperatures) to get a quick spiritual refill and bask in Gods word.
For the last couple of months we have been listening to a great dvd series by John Bevere called "Under Cover." I have done one of his studies before. 6 years ago, my home church studied "The Bait Of Satan." It was amazing and I often referenced back to the workbook years later.
Under cover is about being under the spiritual protection of proper authority. What the bible says about how we are to act towards authority and what the biblical pyramid of authority really was.
Last night he began speaking about the authority in the home. My ears perked up. I am a firm believer of the Man being the head and women falling under him!
He started listing bible verses and my hands went flipping. Those familiar, underlined verses were read again and I gladly listened.
He also explained the parental role and how children stop "obeying their parents" immediately after marriage. Once vows are said, a new line of authority takes place. Wives submit to their new husband (not the parents) the husband is the head of the home and he does not submit to his parents any longer, only to God! The parents role now move from obedience to just honoring. As stated in Genesis 2:24. I had never heard that verse explained in that way before. But it goes right alongside my 2 favorite books "Passionate Housewives Desperate for God." and "Created to Be His Help-Meet."
On the ride home, the children chattered and sang and I chatted GapBoys ear off. The message was amazing.
In our home, "roles" are clearly defined. Not because one is weaker or not as smart than the other, but because that is the way God ordained it. Because God ordained it, it WORKS!!! GapBoy and I have fallen into these rolls very early in our marriage and because of this we have had many many years of peace. Our marriage is not perfect, but love abounds, peace reigns and order is always established.
As I get older and I study the design God had for marriage, I can embrace and love the protection I am under from my husband. I find it wonderful and would never ever want to step out from under it. Im happy right where I am. Its the perfect umbrella to be under because he is protected by the Lord!
I don't want the responsibilities he has on his shoulders.
As I raise my daughters, I hope and pray that they see the example I am setting in my home. I pray they don't fall into any feminist mindsets and empty traps. Little do they know, the thinking of that false philosophy will lead to empty hearts, empty souls and an empty bed. I have never seen a happy fulfilling marriage come out of such horrible thinking.
I want to teach them that loving their husbands is the best thing they can do. I want then to love the safety they fall under and embrace the umbrella that will surround them.
As 2009 comes to a close, I reflect back on all that I have learned, how my own marriage has changed dramatically simply because I embrace the God given roles of biblical marriage. I wish I could give these 2 books to every wife out there. I wish I could sit them down for coffee and share with them the joy I have inside and why I have it. This is my passion. Instead, I will write and pray that women will read these words and take interest.
This coming New Year we will welcome our first ever teenager. Emma turns 13!!! My prayers for her will strengthen. I will begin to pray for her future, her husband and her home. I will ward off any empty thinking and pray she grows in the Lord.
Im excited for what the New Year will bring. Im excited to learn more,but more importantly, Im excited to continue to embrace my role as help-meet to my GapBoy!


  1. Such a wonderful post! Thanks for the reminders of what I too often forget or take too little thought in...
    Our son just turned 13 and it's an exciting time and also a time to intercede for them-it's not easy being that age, I am sure. Praying for you as this new year comes in!

  2. Thanks so much for this wonderful post! It is wonderful to know we have God on our side. Isn't it? HOW AWESOME! :) Excited to see what God has instore for this next year.

  3. I've read so many of your posts already and love your blog. I've been on the verge of getting both of those books you mentioned so many times and never have. You've inspired me to read them.
    Happy New Year :)

  4. Awesome post! We too believe in everything you stated...actually you practically quoted "The Family: A Proclamation to the World", for which we base our beliefs and roles from. It IS ordained of God, we are each ordained to our families and our role in the family. What a sacred thing that is. Isn't it so nice to have that sure foundation in today's world? I am convinced more marriages and families would be successful if they were founded on such principles.



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