Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Where In The World Was GapGirl?? Pt 2

Our Bedroom balcony view
The bridge over the lake connecting the two sections
Our favorite spot on the bridge
Getting ready to go out for a divine steak dinner our last night on vacation =(

The best part of vacation is the change in your day. For me, this is an amazing feat. I hate change. But for some reason, when on vacation, I have no problem with the "go with the flow" way. I welcome the relaxing undertone. I say undertone because with kids, you can only relax to a point.
Our hotel was the Marriott Grand Vista. It was amazing! Amazing isn't even the word. Its secluded, away from the main strip, hidden by lush tropical evergreens and has a gated entry. We were blessed to get rooms next to our family. In our eyes... we owned the floor!
Our off days consisted of eating and awaiting our next meal. We walked the lush grounds and chased lizards. We fed the fish and turtles in the lake and never took one moment for granted.

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