Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Plan Plan Plan...

Thats exactly what I have been doing all day today. In true GapGirl style, I have 10 projects going at once.
I cannot believe that we have only 2 nights left of this first millennium decade...where did the last 10 years go??? Can anyone tell me cause I certainly don't remember. It seems like just yesterday I was watching the ball drop in our "new" rental home in NY. Emma and Hannah were fast asleep in the toddler bed and crib (yikes they were small) and I was about 2 pant size smaller. I counted the seconds and hid behind Jason just in case the world exploded due to Y2K. Remember that?
Fast-forward 10 years, Im a bit <> um filled out, Im in a different state and have 3 more kids calling me mom! WOW! Now I truly understand "in the blink of an eye..."
Im excited about NYE this year. Its been a good year and I have so much faith that this year will be the same... no matter what happens, God will be with us. I have a big box of NYE decorations, hats, blowers, streamers, tiaras and a bunch of sparklers. The sparkling white grape juice is chilling and I have 2 tweens who think that thursday night will be the biggest party in the world!
We have a party to attend early in the evening and hope to make it home a bit before the ball drops, tuck the littles under their covers and celebrate.
My neighbors will have to forgive me if we get a little loud, if my kids scream with their friends in the street and run across their lawn. Its New Years.... and what better way to spend it than with smiles on our faces!
What are your plans?


  1. that's sweet! and I am with ya on the whole "where did the last 10 years go". I just said that tonight at the dinner table. I cannot believe it will be 2010. Crazy. Enjoy your party!

  2. Oh yes, I remember the days of wondering if Y2K would really happen! I had just had baby #2. I've added 4 more children and the newest addition will be 1 on New Year's Day! What a ride!

  3. Hi there,
    Thanks for visiting me and for your sweet comments.
    Have you changed the name of your blog? I think I have visited you in the past under the Little Red House. Is that right?
    Your home and family are so sweet. My daughter homeschools her children, as well.
    If I'm not mistaken, I think we live in the same area of SC.
    Looks like you had a lot of fun at Disney. Our daughter and husband live by the one in CA. They are church planters there.
    Have a wonderful New Year!

  4. What a cheerful blog! Love it. I too remember the whole Y2K thing - really thinking nothing would happen, despite the hysteria! (Thankfully I was right!)
    Oh I love that red house! Sounds like you have had a wonderful past 10 yrs - here's to the next 10!!

  5. I love New Years Eve, for a variety of reasons! It really hadn't hit me that it's been 10 YEARS since the new millennium started though, until I read your blog! It was definitely a "whoa" moment... lol

    We are some of those crazy people who have a dozen kids running around in the yard with fire-crackers going off... we always love to celebrate the New Year.. but we have a grand total of two neighbors so I think they will be alright! Besides that, January 1st is my anniversary so I always get an extra treat for the holiday :) This year, we are planning on putting in new cabinets! (sorry, my excitement is rubbing off everywhere I go!!)

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today. I will put your name in for the drawing of three Homestead Blessings DVDs on bread making, candle making and soap making.

    We plan on having another family over and roast hot dogs on a bonfire (but it's raining today, so I may have to change that) and playing games. We generally don't stay up to see the New Year in and will probably hit the sack by 11. We are kind of boring like that!! Hope you all have a great time!



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