Tuesday, December 1, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Christmas is in full swing in my home. The tree is up, decorated and beaming with over 1500 sparkling white lights! My house is a mess and my kids are sticky...but will go to bed with happy hearts.
Forgive the quality of my pictures. Im relying on my cell phone for proper documentation. My camera is lost.Gone... forever sniff sniff. Thats ok. I have come to peace with it (sort of) and will now look forward to shopping for a new one.
My living room is re-arranged and Im surprisingly happy with the results. A trip to Kirklands will happen shortly to celebrate the ease of change. I HATE change and don't handle it well... so this comes as a huge surprise. Which MUST be celebrated in every way possible.;)
I have grown a love for ROSS. While my cousins were down visiting, I went on a very rare shopping trip with them. ( shopping isn't rare... bringing other women is) Dawn insisted and since I was the host, I agreed. Deep down I dreaded it. For some reason I never liked ROSS. Perhaps it was the big security guard who stood at the door the first (and last) time I went in. I have a weird rule with security guards... if they need one then things must be bad. So I stay away!! But I was wrong and quickly found my hands filled with goods and treasures that I bought. I can't wait to go back to browse the aisles and fill my closet with more goodies!
I will be on a small blog hiatus come the end of the week. For certain reasons that remain private, but I will return VERY quickly with great news, pictures and more wonderful stories to tell.
Until then, Drink, eat and be MERRY!!!

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  1. beautiful christmas tree! what a glow that puts off!



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