Saturday, December 12, 2009

Back From The Chapel...

Sweet. That is the word that comes to mind when I think about the evening I shared with my Gapboy. Simply Sweet.
Today was a stressful day. We have out of town guests staying with us and had a lot to accomplish before attending a wedding for a church family. I needed to have dinner ready for my guests turned babysitters for the evening, clean my home, get all clothes ready for church the next day and figure out what outfit I could squeeze my post-vacation/holiday body into. I quickly remembered my "date" rule... You know the one Im talking about don't you? Well, if you forgot, I will refresh your memory....
Rule #1... when on a date with your hubby a new outfit is ALWAYS required. Now, the clause for this rule is as follows...:
*** When said Hubby starts turning blue from the accumulation of date outfits, always remind him that your reasoning for this so called "silly" rule is simple. Its not for yourself... no sir! It is strictly for HIM!!! To keep things new and fresh and exciting, just as you did before you were married. ( I will explain my new outfit rule for dating couples another time ;)
Anyway, off to the store I went and settled for a cute outfit and even splurged on a bunch of accessories to match. We were ready!... and LATE!! As I was running in heels thru the soggy parking lot, my mind began reflecting on the last wedding I attended. You can read about that HERE!!!
The church was breathtaking. Christmas weddings have a certain magic about them that is hard to capture all thru the rest of the year. The church was lit by candlelight and draped in poinsettias and toole.
As the music started, so did the tears. I glanced over at my handsome hubby and remembered our own wedding day. It was a beautiful moment... until he saw my tears and just rolled his eyes...sigh....
Something about the white dress and the look on the couples faces that just touch my heart in a way nothing else can.
We quickly headed over to the reception and had a grand ol southern time. We have not been to church in a while due to travel and company, so seeing everyones faces was a breath of fresh air. It was good to be home and good to be with people who we loved.
We caught up with local football team news, genders of babies to come and Christmas plans. Before long it was time to go home. We said our goodbyes and climbed into our big black van. I was so happy to pull up to our Little Red House. My Christmas Tree was lit, I smelled fresh coffee being brewed before the door was opened and familiar voices echoed in our foyer. I was home!
Before I could even remove my shoes and take off my coat, 2 very excited girls came barreling down the stairs waiting for every single detail.
The next five minutes were spent retelling every detail of the night. I loved seeing their big eyes get wider and wider with joy, they love wedding.
Right now Im sure the reception is still going. The new Man and Wife will be leaving for The Bahamas very early in the morning. Their life together is just beginning. Their future is unwritten. A new chapter ready to start. Tonight I end another page in my book. My novel is 13 chapters and still going. My book is filled with many ups and downs. Every page jammed with things I could never even dream of. No matter which way they turned, Im thankful for them all. Its what made us who we are today and why I can look back and say that I love my Gapboy more today than I did on our special night that we said "I do." I didn't think that could be possible. 13 years ago I would have argued something different but life teaches you otherwise.
Tonight, as I sit in my comfy jammies, with my pink girly mug filled with coffee (I will regret this later!) I am Thankful for where I am and I am Thankful for all the blessings the Lord has given me these past 13 years.
As I crawl into my comfy flannel bed, worn from years of sound slumber, I will say a prayer for Adam and Haley. Little do they know, the best is yet to come...


  1. Your post brought tears to my eyes and shivers to my arms. "Little do they know, the best is yet to come" I love that. You really have a way with words.

  2. I love weddings too! I love our lives together more down the road than I did back then. It gets better and better. :D



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