Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rainy Days

Today my little Red House just might float away. Over 3 inches of rain will be falling over a 24 hour period in my neck of the woods. We are trapped inside with the glow of our newly decorated Christmas Tree to keep us comfy and warm.
My kids are dancing to jingle bells (for the millionth time) and my older girls are busy working on their studies. Hot chocolate is close at hand for sugary sips in between geography correction and spelling definitions.
As Emma said just minutes ago... it definitely feels like Christmas now.
Tonight I might convince my hubby for some new clothes and since he is such a sweet, generous, giving man... Im SURE he will agree (right hun?xoxo) nothing cures being trapped indoors on a rainy day then the smell of new clothes. My closet is lonely.... now that I think of it, so is my shoe rack...
Time to start cooking GapBoys favorite dinner ;)
My camera never turned up and all my precious memories of Thanksgiving 2009 are lost for good. I hi-jacked Emmas camera (much to her dismay) but promised she could have it when needed...just until we replace ours.
On another note... I LOST 5 lbs!! I was thrilled until my hypochondriac self took over and began rattling off scary medical reasons as to why the weight just suddenly fell. I was miraculously cured this week when I stepped on the scale and all 5 lbs are back =p. Oh well, Gotta love the holidays. I will work hard again to lose those precious pounds... until Christmas of coarse!


  1. Ooooh! It sounds so cozy at your house today!!

  2. So sorry you haven't found your camera...darn!

    We had snow in Dallas yesterday morning...crazy weather here also.




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