Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Where In The World Was GapGirl?? Pt 1

In the happiest place on Earth of coarse! Last week we packed up our big black van and headed south to Orlando for a week of fun, indulgence and good ol fashioned family time. We surprised the kids and boy were they thrilled!!!
There is nothing like the Magic Kingdom at Christmas to really make the season bright!
The ride down was a bit different. Here is a quick synapse :
3:35 A.M- We pull away from our little Red House for the 8+ hour car ride...
4:00 A.M- Molly asks if we are there yet...
4:05 A.M- she asks again with a little less patience...
4:15 A.M- Daddy threatens to turn around if they don't stop asking...
5:30 A.M- Abigail wakes up screaming that she wants to go home...
7:30 A.M- Molly insists we are driving way too long ( we all agree)
and so on and so forth...
By noon we were all bonkers. Road rage was in full force, kids were on a permanent quiet time and if we had to hear one more kiddie movie my brain would of went permanently stupid! I silently prayed for our safety as GapBoy vowed to shove our van in certain Florida drivers rears... you get the picture don't you? Well if you don't then you obviously have not road tripped with 5 children... one of which suffers from a "mild" case of anxiety/ocd... ( can you guess which one?)
But thru it all God is Good. Just when we were all about to leap out of the moving vehicle, our beautiful resort appeared before our eyes. We checked in, kissed and hugged all of our family who awaited us and let the kids run and run. "be free..." we yelled and then went on our merry way.
Our suite was a 900 sq. ft. 2 bedroom villa and we made use of every square inch.
After a couple hours our road trip adventures were forgotten and we were ready to begin our vacation.... with the kids we loved =)!


  1. Oh I love Disney. It is a 24 hour adventure down for us. We have done it with two girls one a teenager and one a preteen. Not so bad. glad you had a great time. My Hubby and I hope to go in May for our 25th anniversary.

  2. How fun! We took our oldest two in 2007 when they were three and one. Now we've added another, and are anxious to take all three! We love Disney!!

  3. Oh my goodness- YOU CRACK ME UP! Love your writing! Also laughed out loud reading the post below "Our Fairytale" - too funny!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, so I could find yours! Love it! I'm your newest follower:)

    Shannon at:

  4. New to your blog. Love it! We are going to WDW on the 29th for a week with our 3 year old. Can't wait.

  5. Thanks for visiting me, and commenting. Becuase it led me to visit your blog, which has blessed my heart. I so rarely find someone who has many children, and wants more. To see someone who considers their children a blessing. And Homeschooling, I won't even get started! But as I read that you are working on #6 and asking for prayer, I began to cry. Becuase I often feel like it would be a bad thing to have more children, becuase it's not normal. But my heart felt blessed to know that asking for prayer for another baby, is what is "normal"! Thanks again. Really, I am blessed this evening. And I LOOOOOVE your red house!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE MICKEYVILLE!!! We just went in June and yes I know what it is like to travel that far with kids..3 not 5..but I can sympathize but it was a Blast and I am ready to go again...Glad u had fun!!
    Rhonda ~



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