Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Pardon the nightstand, my bedroom is under a make-over right now =)
The events of this past weekend has taken a toll on my brain. Im SHOT! I can't think straight and just want to walk around with my tongue hanging to the floor!!! I finally let my body relax and now im done!! I need a good book to read... and I don't have any!!! My nightstand is spilling over with great books but none that suites my needs right now.
I settled On the one above. I am only about 1/4 of the way thru it. I have been reading it for over 6 months. WHen I need a break from reality I open it and drift away. I prefer non-fiction only when I have been put thru the ringer and need to escape to a different place. This sounds perfect right now!
I have moved my beloved book mark into her and she awaits me in my cozy bedroom. The bookmark is delicate lace, with a monogram of my initial. Hubby bought it for me in Ireland back in 1997 when he was deployed in the military. Knowing my love of reading (and lack of time to do it) he knew I would just adore this keepsake. I have kept it near my bed ever since. It tenderly holds the pages of my current read. Its a bit dirty and loved but I don't mind.
I spent the day in the garden. The veggies and flowers were fertilized, the butterfly bush had her daily prune and the cucumbers and beans now have a brand new home made trellis to climb. A shower is needed and then I will snuggle up and enjoy the peace, let my mommy nerves calm down and enjoy the silence.
~Au revoir~

Our Garden Thus Far...

Here are the long awaited pictures of our little garden! We are about one month behind schedule as far as growth since we planted so late in the season but we are THRIVING!!! We were so used to NY planting seasons that we didn't quite jump on the bandwagon like we should have. Oh well. Its still a beauty. We have seen SO much growth in the past week alone. I know in just one more week those tomato plants will be double the size. I can't wait. Nothing beats a home grown red ripe juicy tomato. I can already taste all the salads we will be enjoying in just a few weeks.
Hubby and I are already planning for next year. We can't wait!!! We want to TRIPLE the size of our garden now that we have had success thus far in the SOuth. This sun can be tough and this soil just horrendous to work with but I believe we have conquered.
I picked my 1st pepper the other day and an eggplant is just about ready to join us at the dinner table!
I am planning another trip to Lowes soon to take a peek at a few more squash. I also might plant some Pumpkin seeds and see if its not too late to get a crop or two. Even if its not ready till November. Yum Yum a fresh Pumpkin Pie on our Thanksgiving Table! What could be better????
Our one lonely corn will be on our front porch as a decoration. We grew it just as an experiment. We could never grow corn in NY because the wild deer would tear it right down but so far so good... we shall see. If all goes well we will have a half of bed strictly devoted to corn and Roma tomatoes!!!
The kids are so excited about the garden. AND the plans for next year. Or goal is to turn our small piece of land into a growing habitat of all things edible and beautiful. My front garden bed was created to strictly be a hummingbird and butterfly attraction!! We have conquered!! We have so many butterflies that the kids can't keep up with catching them. This morning Hubby called me to let me know that 2 hummingbirds were in our front tree!!! BINGO! Mission accomplished.
We also have a zillion bees out front. To my surprise this has helped the kids with their fear of those fuzzy insects. We get to study them closely and the now believe me when I say they just want to buzz around the flowers and not sting.
Hubby has taken a big interest in bees as well and is currently researching Mason bee homes. I believe one will end up in our backyard sometime soon as soon as he can find the proper material.
Bird feeders, bat houses, fruit trees, fire pits and more have been in the works as well.
We have big plans for our little piece of the world. When we get done it will be small and magnificent. Truly unique to the area and our own little Oasis. A magical place for our kids to enjoy and our grandchildren to dream about. We can't wait. It will take a lot of time to complete and even more money, so it will be a slow effort but I promise to let you in on all the progress!!! Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Precious Papa Bear...

In E.R waiting for our room upstairs. He was SO sick.
The girls didn't want to sleep upstairs without Noah.(Abigail was in the pack and play too)
Taking an afternoon nap. His little hand is bandaged from the IV
"Look Mom.. Im allowed to eat now and Im feeling better!!!"
I have my Superman P.J's on and Im back to playing with my sissies...
I have my Papa bear home with me tonight. After 3 long days of him being sick, being hospitalized and being worried sick, He his home! He is freshly bathed, in his Superman pajamas (with a cape) and all snuggled in his race car bed.
I am so thankful that he recovered quickly and can finish the process at home. I am so thankful that he was born healthy and happy and continues to be so. I saw so many sick children this weekend. Children that have called the Children's hospital their 2nd home. Moms pacing the hallways with fear hidden in their eyes...
The girls were so good during this time. We all hung out in his room by day and the first night they all slept in our room on the floor. They were just as worried as me. They made him gifts and gave him extra kisses. Even the baby knew we had to "go see papa." She led the way whenever we walked down the hall. She knew the drs were making "papa all better..." and she was sooo happy when he walked to the van with us and came home.
Of coarse, as usual, I took pictures of everything! I will post a few showing the progression... I took them mostly by phone to send to worried family members who were hundreds of miles away.The pictures made them feel a bit less helpless and kept them updated as well. A big thanks for everyones prayers. We love you all!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garden Update!

While outside doing my daily garden check I noticed I had my very first string bean!! How exciting! We also have 1 pepper, 1 white eggplant and 2 black eggplant. !! We had several tomatoes but Jason picked them off. Since we planted the garden a bit later than everyone else, we want to give the plants plenty of time for growing strong before we let them produce veggies! Don't worry, a hundred more yellow flowers are budding. I also have endless strawberries and raspberries ripening as I type! Pictures will follow shortly, I figure I will wait just a bit before posting more flower/plant photos.
My sunflowers are taller than me! Neighbors keep coming by and complimenting me on my yard. It truly is a flowering oasis. My morning glories took over my front porch and my butterfly bush is out of control!~in a good way of coarse~ I was just telling hubby that I might have to reconsider the location... as much as I don't want to. We shall see. My elephant ears are growing big and strong. I will be "feeding" them again this weekend and then will post pictures. Im hoping to grow one "ear" bigger than Abby! Wish me luck!!
My blue delphinium are planted and thriving. They were shipped to me in a 3 inch put and they are tiny so I don't expect blooms for at least a month.
My wisteria is baaacckk!
The white minnie pearl Phlox are blooming like crazy. The blooms are so big and bunched the plant is tipping over to one side. Noah reaches thru and picks flowers for my hair. Isn't he the sweetest?
I also added some pink tall perennials. I don't have the name near me but they grow big and look like pink bells. So beautiful. Daylillies are blooming and my 2 rose bushes are all re-blooming. I can't wait to show you all!! Tis heat wave has really been helping! My home is so beautiful! Full of color and such a haven for butterflies. I lose count whenever I walk out my door.
I hope you all are having sunny days as well. We have been spending plenty of days poolside and evenings in our garden. Enjoy your summer. Before you know it, the cool fall nights will be back. I can smell my infamous apple pie already!!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Precious Emma

Turns 12 tomorrow! I can't believe it. Where did the time go? Its not fair! I would give anything to have her little just for one day. My very first baby girl.
Right now she is fast asleep, upstairs in her bed, all tan from the sun. She will have to be woken up because she likes to sleep late. She is starting to hate the color pink (GASP) and wears bras?! She is getting bigger by the second and their is nothing I can do about it. One minute she has the attitude of the dreaded teen and in the next second she is wanting to still cuddle in my lap.
The story of her birth is a private one. A story I share with a select few. She does not even know the whole story as I leave certain parts out. They will come with time. It still is painful to talk about. The older I get the more it hurts. I realize how young and naive we were. We didn't know we were seconds away from planning a funeral for our precious baby girl. I always remind myself that God is good and push those feelings away. I have her here. Healthy, happy and beautiful!!!
This year was a special birthday. Daddy was taking her out on the town. She had no idea where she was going or what the plans were. We teased her endlessly and drove her crazy. Even the other children were filled with suspense... the secret was ours. The perfect outfit was chosen (for both) and I convinced a very overprotective daddy to let me add some lipgloss and sparkly eyeshadow. After all, she was going on her first date. You have to look your best!
Once the big black van headed out of our driveway, the secret was spilled to the remaining kids. After some drama tears from Hannah, we waited. The babies were in bed and Hannah and I hung out in the backyard watering the garden... wondering how her special night was going. A few texts and pictures from hubby confirmed the surprise was a success! She was thrilled!
A few hours later, they were back! She returned grinning from ear to ear while eating an ice cream sunday. We gathered in the kitchen and listened to her tell her story all about Willy Wonka on stage!!!
The birthday celebration does not end there. As always traditions go on. Birthdays are no exception! On the eve of the birthday while everyone is fast asleep the house is decorated! Plates, streamers, signs... the works. When the birthday girl/boy wakes up, the house is turned into party mode. I started this tradition the moment we were married never realizing I would continue 13 years later. If you have known me long enough/visited me during your special day or have lived with me then you have experienced a GapGirl birthday! The "red" plate will be brought out (a VERY coveted item in our home) and you are the queen/king. Everyone in this home looks forward to their birthday.
Tomorrow will be no different. I have cakes to bake, sparklers to light, confetti bombers to set off and 5 very excited children.
So, to my Emma Paige. You are a true gift from God. You were brought to this earth with a special mission and purpose. You were our first! Our special baby who smelled so sweet and was so tiny. I could have smelled you all day. I miss our naps together. I miss you little and dancing in your princess pajamas. I miss the days of just me and you. So tomorrow when you wake up I might hug you a bit longer, kiss you a bit more and perhaps cry a tear or to. It will be laughed at and pushed away. I sometimes embarrass you, but thats ok. Your my baby and I never want you to EVER forget how much you are loved!


Once again we WON!! It was a hot humid night but we WON!!! 10-9...Ha!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Just Call Me "Loft Girl"

Scored these shoes for $4.88 originally $88!!

Yesterday I purged almost half of my wardrobe. It was a painfully long process. Memories flooded back and I had to force so many loved pieces in the bag. I sold them!! I have so many things that I no longer wear/am sick of/just won't wear or can't (gulp) fit into anymore... and even if I did...would STILL not wear. So off they went to a new upscale local resale boutique. The tears quickly dried up when the handed me my exchange bonus!. My car drove me straight to a few of my favorite stores and I bought away. They were having awesome sales and I also get the 15% off for "teaching." Today Hubby and I also scored some great pieces at Old Navy as well. He did a bit better than me. All men's wear were 50% off. Can you believe that? I did manage an adorable polo ( Light Blue) and a grey ruffle shirt. Then Back at Ann Taylor Loft I also bought a beautiful big buttoned ruffled black 3/4 sleeve cardigan. Uber precious!... and only $13!!
Yes, I know 6 new shirts does not quite compare to the huge pile I sold but have no fear, my wardrobe is now current, all my favorites and expanding. Come on?? Do you really think I will leave it empty for long?

***Check out more Show and Tell at KELLI'S house***

Life With LuLu( I just LOVE that name!!)

I entered to win another give-away HERE!!! Wish me luck. Its sounds Fabulous!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Im Thinking...

Of going private! For certain reasons that can only be reasoned by me and my insane imagination, I am thinking of privately blogging. Again... just a thought. So, If I do decide to do this, I still want my most favorite readers, friends and loyals reading my dailies. So, if you would still like to follow please comment me your email address or email me privately and I will be sure to invite you as soon as possible.
I will be sure to keep you all posted!!!

A Few Of My Favorite Things...

For those of you that know me... and I mean really really know me, knows my loves. They know my obsession with big hats, big sunglasses,big bags and big pearls. I don't keep that a secret. I have faux pearls in all shapes and sizes. Whenever a situation allows, pearls are worn. The bigger the better. As a matter of fact, Im wearing them now. Big pearl studs. I have been wearing pearls since as far back as I can remember. I always had a few in my draw. My mom started me young with the real thing and gave me quite a collection. Unfortunately a thousand moves,5 kids and a few dogs have left me real-pearl-less. But have no fear. I found Faux and continued my obsession.(I vowed to not buy any more real till we own our home.hmmm...)
I wore pearls on my wedding.My Emma and Hannah's first pair of earrings were pearls.I have a whole drawer in my bathroom full of costume jewelry... majority are pearls!
The same goes with sunglasses and hats. As a matter of fact I have a beautiful Coco brown straw sun hat just sitting At Ann Taylor Loft with MY name on it (literally) It will soon be mine and stake its claim as my biggest... for now.
I thank my inspiration from these two women. I have loved these graceful classy gals since the start of time. While most of my friends were dressing like trendy hooker-chic, I was picking out dresses only Jackie-O would be proud of!
Breakfast At Tiffany's is not my most proudful movie I watch, but those sparkling diamonds and pearls are the only thing capturing my attention.
As for Jackie... well, there is only one word for her... Grace. Yes, she has her downfalls as all do (being and marrying a democrat is her biggest=p) she handled all situations accordingly and kindly left her stamp.
I have read all of her books, seen her extensive collections at the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC) and have been by her 5th avenue apartment numerous times.
A few months before her death I was carousing around NYC with a few girls of mine and stopped to take a picture. A kind bystander took it for us (yes, Ny'ers are one of the kindest people around... people just don't get us and take it as rude...)unfortunately someone walked right in front of the camera as the shutter was pressed. As I sat in my darkroom the next day developing my film I saw it... It was HER!!! Yes my friends. I had been elbow to elbow with the woman I Loved!!! She was wearing her classic scarf and sunglasses. It was a cold day and she was bundled. It was her!!! Right on fifth avenue (with me) I have that picture somewhere in my garage. It should be framed. Perhaps when I find it I will share my precious jewel.
The day she passed away I wore black. Grace was gone. Never to return. No matter what anyone says or who takes office, no one can be as elegant and simple as her. Cindy McCain comes close... too bad. A classy woman is needed in the white house.
Anyway, my mind is drifting, time to refocus and close this entry. I hope you enjoy these pictures and I hope I can carry just a touch of grace and class as these beautiful women!
Psst_ My hubby and I have a few songs...one of them being BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S. So fitting for us. Click on the link and listen. Oh the memories...
I entered to win this adorable bag HERE... check it out and pray I win!!!

Happy Father's Day Baby!

What?? You didn't know a way to a man's heart is Bbq'd Rib-eye steak shared with the one he loves?? (late at night when the kids are in bed!) Sheesh, I thought everyone knew that!

Little Red Riding Hood... Southern Style!

Today I packed up our big black van and ventured to the library for the Summer reading program special "Little Red Riding Hood" by Porkchops productions. The older girls begged me not to go and asked if they could stay home. My answer was a quick "no." I had lots of errands to run. Upon our arrival we checked in to our reading station, got our rewards from completing the first part of the program and got in line.
Once in, I went straight for the best seats, we sat and waited. Abby and Molly fought over seating (hence the faces) and waited for it to begin. Emma and Hannah's excitement finally arrived. They wiggled in their seats and whispered to me "Im glad we came and didn't stay home..." See!! I told you so was mouthed.
Within 5 minutes of the sweet grandma coming out to welcome us to the show, Abigail's lip was trembling and she held on to me for dear life. Once Little Red Riding Hood bounced out from around the curtain, she could not contain her fear. Off we went behind the big wooden doors. She happily watched from the foyer and my other 4 thoroughly enjoyed the 45 minute program. It was done very well, included all sorts of southern drawls and humor. We can't wait for the next one!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

High Tuesday Tea

Thanks to Hannah who organized a lovely Tea party in our Little Red house. All were dressed in proper attire and manners were at hand. The afternoon ended when Miss. Muffet made her arrival a bit earlier than expected. All still went well and everyone enjoyed.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sissy-CIndy Lu.. WAHOOO

Today I got a very big package from my big sissy Cindy! ... my favorite sister...(my only sister shhh) Inside of that brown box contained the most luscious soft B-I-G purse you can imagine. She had sent me my birthday gift. I squealed with delight as I noticed the MATCHING WALLET and the leopard print. Does this girl rock or what? As always, my kids know that anything coming from Aunt Cindy contains a special treat for them. They were thrilled by the water guns and water balloons. Within 5 minutes packages were torn and they were squirting themselves all over the block.
As you all know I like my purses and sunglasses BIG. The bigger the better and this purse beats them ALL! Once you open those handles, its endless. I can fit at least 2 of my babies in there! Perfect.
Tonight I have a quiet low-key night. I will look forward to my Seinfeld re-runs and move into my new soft white love!
Thanks Sissy, I LOVE YOU!
P.s. Yes, she is listed on my phone as Sissy-Cindy-Lu ;)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Mumbles...

Its already mid-June?? Yes, I asked that as a question... not a statement. Where, may I ask did this month go? Just the other day I twittered (very confused BTW) on how I had not realized it was already the 10th. I was tucked in my bed watching my traditional Seinfeld and BAM half the month almost slipped past me.
Anyway despite the weekend going by way too fast, it was quite enjoyable! 5 days until the next one but who is counting??
My garden is FLOURISHING!!! I just planted my blue lace delphiniums this morning and can't wait till they grow big and bloom! 6ft to be exact. My sunflowers have been a bit beaten by a few evening thunderstorms that "blew" thru. By blew, I mean 60 mph wind gusts. I have supported some with stakes and the blooming continues, so all might be saved. Ya!
My pink clematis BLOOMED!! Im so excited. She has other buds on her and pretty soon my mailbox will have a pink explosion climbing on her.
I fertilized my other beauties and they too are double the size now. Next week I will post more pictures.
Our veggie garden is happy as well. We have several peppers,tomatoes, eggplant and abundant herbs. Of coarse these veggies are not ready for picking but they are so beautiful to look at. My romas got off to a bad start so they are a bit behind in growth but they are catching up and thriving. In just a couple of short weeks you will never have known they were "behind."
Our strawberries and raspberries are also doing wonderful. We stopped the flowering as to promote root growth and a huge plant next season. It seems to be working and the plants are dark green and full.
I have a beautiful unidentified climbing vine thriving on my back porch trellis. Its in a patch of dirt that gets only a few hours of late afternoon sun. Since I have lived here I have planted several things in that spot. Some are Hostas, climbing black eyed Susans and Clematis. None have took very well.... until now. Suddenly, out of the ground strange growth started to occur... in several spots. 3 areas look the same and one is totally different. They are not weeds. I do believe after 2 dormant seasons a very small hosta is growing... thanks to a pretty princess, she now only has one leaf left but is still going strong.
The other 2 are identical climbing vines. Im praying its my clematis. Time will tell in a few weeks when it starts to flower. Im excited!! What a nice surprise.
I actually was smart this week and decided not to over schedule. Thanks to some threats of rain I de-cluttered my calendar and am enjoying free moments. I am hosting the Social committee for my neighborhood tomorrow night. We have another meeting and I offered up my home. Its easier for me with the kids and gives me a home-field advantage if I feel like running my mouth.. ops, I mean share my thoughts! =o.
Thursday is Emmas drama team pool party at my home. She is excited about this and I am excited about seeing her have fun with friends.
Besides that and church its free time! More time for me to think of ways of expanding my wardrobe... a task never completed. I have my show and tell all ready for Friday so stay tuned!!
Until then I will butter up Gapboy so perhaps a few things at Ann Taylor Loft will be adopted by Muah! After all, a girl has to look good while tending to her flowers...;)


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