Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Pardon the nightstand, my bedroom is under a make-over right now =)
The events of this past weekend has taken a toll on my brain. Im SHOT! I can't think straight and just want to walk around with my tongue hanging to the floor!!! I finally let my body relax and now im done!! I need a good book to read... and I don't have any!!! My nightstand is spilling over with great books but none that suites my needs right now.
I settled On the one above. I am only about 1/4 of the way thru it. I have been reading it for over 6 months. WHen I need a break from reality I open it and drift away. I prefer non-fiction only when I have been put thru the ringer and need to escape to a different place. This sounds perfect right now!
I have moved my beloved book mark into her and she awaits me in my cozy bedroom. The bookmark is delicate lace, with a monogram of my initial. Hubby bought it for me in Ireland back in 1997 when he was deployed in the military. Knowing my love of reading (and lack of time to do it) he knew I would just adore this keepsake. I have kept it near my bed ever since. It tenderly holds the pages of my current read. Its a bit dirty and loved but I don't mind.
I spent the day in the garden. The veggies and flowers were fertilized, the butterfly bush had her daily prune and the cucumbers and beans now have a brand new home made trellis to climb. A shower is needed and then I will snuggle up and enjoy the peace, let my mommy nerves calm down and enjoy the silence.
~Au revoir~

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  1. Feet up! Tea on your side table! Have a lovely evening. TTFN ~Marydon



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