Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Few Of My Favorite Things...

For those of you that know me... and I mean really really know me, knows my loves. They know my obsession with big hats, big sunglasses,big bags and big pearls. I don't keep that a secret. I have faux pearls in all shapes and sizes. Whenever a situation allows, pearls are worn. The bigger the better. As a matter of fact, Im wearing them now. Big pearl studs. I have been wearing pearls since as far back as I can remember. I always had a few in my draw. My mom started me young with the real thing and gave me quite a collection. Unfortunately a thousand moves,5 kids and a few dogs have left me real-pearl-less. But have no fear. I found Faux and continued my obsession.(I vowed to not buy any more real till we own our home.hmmm...)
I wore pearls on my wedding.My Emma and Hannah's first pair of earrings were pearls.I have a whole drawer in my bathroom full of costume jewelry... majority are pearls!
The same goes with sunglasses and hats. As a matter of fact I have a beautiful Coco brown straw sun hat just sitting At Ann Taylor Loft with MY name on it (literally) It will soon be mine and stake its claim as my biggest... for now.
I thank my inspiration from these two women. I have loved these graceful classy gals since the start of time. While most of my friends were dressing like trendy hooker-chic, I was picking out dresses only Jackie-O would be proud of!
Breakfast At Tiffany's is not my most proudful movie I watch, but those sparkling diamonds and pearls are the only thing capturing my attention.
As for Jackie... well, there is only one word for her... Grace. Yes, she has her downfalls as all do (being and marrying a democrat is her biggest=p) she handled all situations accordingly and kindly left her stamp.
I have read all of her books, seen her extensive collections at the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC) and have been by her 5th avenue apartment numerous times.
A few months before her death I was carousing around NYC with a few girls of mine and stopped to take a picture. A kind bystander took it for us (yes, Ny'ers are one of the kindest people around... people just don't get us and take it as rude...)unfortunately someone walked right in front of the camera as the shutter was pressed. As I sat in my darkroom the next day developing my film I saw it... It was HER!!! Yes my friends. I had been elbow to elbow with the woman I Loved!!! She was wearing her classic scarf and sunglasses. It was a cold day and she was bundled. It was her!!! Right on fifth avenue (with me) I have that picture somewhere in my garage. It should be framed. Perhaps when I find it I will share my precious jewel.
The day she passed away I wore black. Grace was gone. Never to return. No matter what anyone says or who takes office, no one can be as elegant and simple as her. Cindy McCain comes close... too bad. A classy woman is needed in the white house.
Anyway, my mind is drifting, time to refocus and close this entry. I hope you enjoy these pictures and I hope I can carry just a touch of grace and class as these beautiful women!
Psst_ My hubby and I have a few of them being BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S. So fitting for us. Click on the link and listen. Oh the memories...


  1. You have good taste .. Jackie & Cindy ... beautifully dressed gorgeous women. Wonderful post! TY for sharing. I love it. TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. After reading your post the other day I have come to the conclusion you are the blonde me (LOL). I so love big purses & big Jacki O sunglasses! Jacki is my fave by far & I love her timeless style. Have read several books not only about her but her life with JFK as well ... look forward to reading your blog everyday :)



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