Thursday, June 18, 2009

Im Thinking...

Of going private! For certain reasons that can only be reasoned by me and my insane imagination, I am thinking of privately blogging. Again... just a thought. So, If I do decide to do this, I still want my most favorite readers, friends and loyals reading my dailies. So, if you would still like to follow please comment me your email address or email me privately and I will be sure to invite you as soon as possible.
I will be sure to keep you all posted!!!


  1. I hope I can continue with your blog, as I have come to really like checking out what you have to done to your "little red house". The outside is landscaped so beautifully and I can't wait to see the next round of pictures!

  2. Oh, no! I hope you don't BUT if you do I hope you will allow me to follow you. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. UM....don't you DARE!!! I need to know what's going on in that little red house!!!

    Please let me keep up with your lovely family!!!!



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