Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A rose from my Sweet!
Front Hostas getting ready to bloom
My butterfly bush in bloom.My whole front garden is designed to attract hummingbirds and butterflies.
Climbing brown eyed Susans. I gave up on them and then Voila... they are here thriving and getting big. A bit of a late bloomer but still happy.
Biloxi Blue (purple) Verbena. Thought these 2 were a goner but thanks to my extra love and care... they are blooming... still needs some TLC but they are on their way!

The "older" I get, the more I appreciate the small things in life. For instance... flowers. We take them for granted. Recently I have found myself lying in bed at night pondering the beauty of flowers. They start off green. A tight bud, not much to look at and then one day they BURST open and out comes the most beautiful colors one can imagine. Prettier than we anticipated and perfect. Perfectly shaped, sharp and too beautiful to behold.
I always loved flowers but never "thought" about them till this year. Perhaps thats because I have been so engrossed in beautifying my little red house. I found myself so thankful for God who made them. And why did he make them?? Simply for us to enjoy. He made the most beautiful and amazing flowers on this earth simply for us humans, the ones He loves to get enjoyment from. Nothing more and nothing less. Did you realize that? Isn't that amazing. A God so big and powerful yet still loves us so much, He created something so delicate and fragile for US!
I find myself saying Thank you prayers more often now. Not asking for requests but just prayers of Thanks. We have so much to thank Him for and don't even realize it.

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