Saturday, June 6, 2009

New News..

Wow, I have so much to report and so little time!! Where do I begin?
 We started the week off extremely busy. Company was here and the house was in full swing. Its amazing how fast 7 days can go but before we could blink, the van was packed and headed back up to NC to the airport. They did leave behind plenty of jokes, good times and new memories. The house has been quiet and still... well our "quiet." Its nice. Our schedule has slowly been returning and old summer projects were picked up and dusted off.
 All 5 kiddlings were signed up for the summer library reading program this week, we ventured back to storytime and just today I almost completed painting our master bedroom... Its a lovely shade of Blue. Cake stand blue to be exact. Its a Martha Color and we all know how precise her colors are. As usual the paint was exactly the color I was looking for. Mission accomplished. Thank You Martha! Now on to re-decorate as NOTHING in my bedroom now goes with what I have. Nothing to fear, Kirklands and Hobby Lobby are top on my list of places to visit and quench my creative juices!!
 My two oldest girl left in the wee hours this morning with our neighbor to hike up to the NC mountain and go tubing down the river. 12 hours later (and several almost crying spells on my part) they returned to me (Thank You Jesus) safe and almost sound. Lets just say my paranoia first aid BAG came in handy to nurse their scrapes and bruises. I forgot to mention to my neighbor that he was bringing 2 G-I-R-L-S with him... as in city, bug-screaming-no-nail-breaking-afraid-of-everything girls. Ooppsss. Perhaps that explained why they feared for their life as they floated down the river and clung on to poor strangers along the way? Despite the fearing for their lives and swearing they will never go in open water again... they had a great time!!! Before bed, Emma expressed a deep appreciation for our pool. Poor things. As I hugged them and kissed them I refrained from telling them I was a wreck all day. I even had to distract my minor seperation-anxiety with shopping... I know, as Moms we must sacrifice! So I unselfishly gave to the community and now my home is just that much prettier ;)
 My hubby of coarse wants to drag them back up there in a few weeks with him. Surprisingly they are not 100% against this (maybe just 95%?) but I do have them believing that he is better than any super hero out there. You know, faster than a speeding bullet and all that jazz.
 They are warm and bandaged and safe in their beds. I expect only few nightmares to come out of this experience and perhaps an extra body or two in bed tonight.
 My flowers are just about in full bloom. I see the petals on my Sunflowers about to stretch open, roses are blooming and all my rescued plants have re-grown and about tp open as well. Morning glories have wrapped themselves around the porch and my Butterfly bush is almost as big as me!!!
 On the flip side my hubby took me on a walk to the backyard to show me the most horrific sight a gardener can see. Japanese beetles have attacked our Cherry Tree. THE NERVE!! It was so gross! Beetles everywhere. After vomiting in my mouth and losing all desire for my fresh brewed cup of coffee, I agreed with my hubby that they must be destroyed... at any cost and by all means. The only green those things are gonna see is the ground coming at them full speed as they fall to their DEATH! Its on! My poor tree is losing its beautiful leaves. We must start now before they move onto our strawberry plants and invade our garden. If I can stand the sight I will take pictures for you. Ugh!
 I found a merchandise credit to a local nursery. It was given to us eons ago (how sweet.) So today I ordered the most beautiful light blue flowers. They grow 6 ft tall and have constant flowering. Its late and I can't remember the name of them but I bought 2 and they will be arriving shortly! I can't wait!!! I have been having a thing for blue...
 Oh I also have a huge bucket filled with wild Honeysuckle. My mother in law kindly dug some up for me on the side of the road. Im re-rooting them and will plant them along my back fence. What better way to spend a summer night than catching fireflys and eating honeysuckle!!
 My wisteria came back!!! Its growing again. Its super tiny but its there and green!!! Now its going to have to compete with my newly planted Carolina Jasmine for a spot on my pergola.
And last but not least I want to welcome baby Anna Maria to the world! She was born this morning at 4 a.m to proud parents Caleb and Marlies and big sister Kate. Caleb is Jason's east coast little brother!! Hopefully they will be coming down in september for a long awaited visit and then I can cuddle that sweet baby!
 Well Im off,  im tired and have church in the morning
Goodnight friends!!!

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  1. I am tired just reading of your doings. I am sorry about the beetles, yuck!

    The Raggedy Girl



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