Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Precious Papa Bear...

In E.R waiting for our room upstairs. He was SO sick.
The girls didn't want to sleep upstairs without Noah.(Abigail was in the pack and play too)
Taking an afternoon nap. His little hand is bandaged from the IV
"Look Mom.. Im allowed to eat now and Im feeling better!!!"
I have my Superman P.J's on and Im back to playing with my sissies...
I have my Papa bear home with me tonight. After 3 long days of him being sick, being hospitalized and being worried sick, He his home! He is freshly bathed, in his Superman pajamas (with a cape) and all snuggled in his race car bed.
I am so thankful that he recovered quickly and can finish the process at home. I am so thankful that he was born healthy and happy and continues to be so. I saw so many sick children this weekend. Children that have called the Children's hospital their 2nd home. Moms pacing the hallways with fear hidden in their eyes...
The girls were so good during this time. We all hung out in his room by day and the first night they all slept in our room on the floor. They were just as worried as me. They made him gifts and gave him extra kisses. Even the baby knew we had to "go see papa." She led the way whenever we walked down the hall. She knew the drs were making "papa all better..." and she was sooo happy when he walked to the van with us and came home.
Of coarse, as usual, I took pictures of everything! I will post a few showing the progression... I took them mostly by phone to send to worried family members who were hundreds of miles away.The pictures made them feel a bit less helpless and kept them updated as well. A big thanks for everyones prayers. We love you all!

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  1. A great ending ... so happy that all is well ... my heart bleeds for the little ones when they are sick. TTFN ~Marydon



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