Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garden Update!

While outside doing my daily garden check I noticed I had my very first string bean!! How exciting! We also have 1 pepper, 1 white eggplant and 2 black eggplant. !! We had several tomatoes but Jason picked them off. Since we planted the garden a bit later than everyone else, we want to give the plants plenty of time for growing strong before we let them produce veggies! Don't worry, a hundred more yellow flowers are budding. I also have endless strawberries and raspberries ripening as I type! Pictures will follow shortly, I figure I will wait just a bit before posting more flower/plant photos.
My sunflowers are taller than me! Neighbors keep coming by and complimenting me on my yard. It truly is a flowering oasis. My morning glories took over my front porch and my butterfly bush is out of control!~in a good way of coarse~ I was just telling hubby that I might have to reconsider the location... as much as I don't want to. We shall see. My elephant ears are growing big and strong. I will be "feeding" them again this weekend and then will post pictures. Im hoping to grow one "ear" bigger than Abby! Wish me luck!!
My blue delphinium are planted and thriving. They were shipped to me in a 3 inch put and they are tiny so I don't expect blooms for at least a month.
My wisteria is baaacckk!
The white minnie pearl Phlox are blooming like crazy. The blooms are so big and bunched the plant is tipping over to one side. Noah reaches thru and picks flowers for my hair. Isn't he the sweetest?
I also added some pink tall perennials. I don't have the name near me but they grow big and look like pink bells. So beautiful. Daylillies are blooming and my 2 rose bushes are all re-blooming. I can't wait to show you all!! Tis heat wave has really been helping! My home is so beautiful! Full of color and such a haven for butterflies. I lose count whenever I walk out my door.
I hope you all are having sunny days as well. We have been spending plenty of days poolside and evenings in our garden. Enjoy your summer. Before you know it, the cool fall nights will be back. I can smell my infamous apple pie already!!!!!

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