Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Garden Thus Far...

Here are the long awaited pictures of our little garden! We are about one month behind schedule as far as growth since we planted so late in the season but we are THRIVING!!! We were so used to NY planting seasons that we didn't quite jump on the bandwagon like we should have. Oh well. Its still a beauty. We have seen SO much growth in the past week alone. I know in just one more week those tomato plants will be double the size. I can't wait. Nothing beats a home grown red ripe juicy tomato. I can already taste all the salads we will be enjoying in just a few weeks.
Hubby and I are already planning for next year. We can't wait!!! We want to TRIPLE the size of our garden now that we have had success thus far in the SOuth. This sun can be tough and this soil just horrendous to work with but I believe we have conquered.
I picked my 1st pepper the other day and an eggplant is just about ready to join us at the dinner table!
I am planning another trip to Lowes soon to take a peek at a few more squash. I also might plant some Pumpkin seeds and see if its not too late to get a crop or two. Even if its not ready till November. Yum Yum a fresh Pumpkin Pie on our Thanksgiving Table! What could be better????
Our one lonely corn will be on our front porch as a decoration. We grew it just as an experiment. We could never grow corn in NY because the wild deer would tear it right down but so far so good... we shall see. If all goes well we will have a half of bed strictly devoted to corn and Roma tomatoes!!!
The kids are so excited about the garden. AND the plans for next year. Or goal is to turn our small piece of land into a growing habitat of all things edible and beautiful. My front garden bed was created to strictly be a hummingbird and butterfly attraction!! We have conquered!! We have so many butterflies that the kids can't keep up with catching them. This morning Hubby called me to let me know that 2 hummingbirds were in our front tree!!! BINGO! Mission accomplished.
We also have a zillion bees out front. To my surprise this has helped the kids with their fear of those fuzzy insects. We get to study them closely and the now believe me when I say they just want to buzz around the flowers and not sting.
Hubby has taken a big interest in bees as well and is currently researching Mason bee homes. I believe one will end up in our backyard sometime soon as soon as he can find the proper material.
Bird feeders, bat houses, fruit trees, fire pits and more have been in the works as well.
We have big plans for our little piece of the world. When we get done it will be small and magnificent. Truly unique to the area and our own little Oasis. A magical place for our kids to enjoy and our grandchildren to dream about. We can't wait. It will take a lot of time to complete and even more money, so it will be a slow effort but I promise to let you in on all the progress!!! Stay tuned!

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  1. Looking good to me! Which is growing faster, the kids or the weeds? Chuckle! TTFN ~Marydon



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