Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Mumbles...

Its already mid-June?? Yes, I asked that as a question... not a statement. Where, may I ask did this month go? Just the other day I twittered (very confused BTW) on how I had not realized it was already the 10th. I was tucked in my bed watching my traditional Seinfeld and BAM half the month almost slipped past me.
Anyway despite the weekend going by way too fast, it was quite enjoyable! 5 days until the next one but who is counting??
My garden is FLOURISHING!!! I just planted my blue lace delphiniums this morning and can't wait till they grow big and bloom! 6ft to be exact. My sunflowers have been a bit beaten by a few evening thunderstorms that "blew" thru. By blew, I mean 60 mph wind gusts. I have supported some with stakes and the blooming continues, so all might be saved. Ya!
My pink clematis BLOOMED!! Im so excited. She has other buds on her and pretty soon my mailbox will have a pink explosion climbing on her.
I fertilized my other beauties and they too are double the size now. Next week I will post more pictures.
Our veggie garden is happy as well. We have several peppers,tomatoes, eggplant and abundant herbs. Of coarse these veggies are not ready for picking but they are so beautiful to look at. My romas got off to a bad start so they are a bit behind in growth but they are catching up and thriving. In just a couple of short weeks you will never have known they were "behind."
Our strawberries and raspberries are also doing wonderful. We stopped the flowering as to promote root growth and a huge plant next season. It seems to be working and the plants are dark green and full.
I have a beautiful unidentified climbing vine thriving on my back porch trellis. Its in a patch of dirt that gets only a few hours of late afternoon sun. Since I have lived here I have planted several things in that spot. Some are Hostas, climbing black eyed Susans and Clematis. None have took very well.... until now. Suddenly, out of the ground strange growth started to occur... in several spots. 3 areas look the same and one is totally different. They are not weeds. I do believe after 2 dormant seasons a very small hosta is growing... thanks to a pretty princess, she now only has one leaf left but is still going strong.
The other 2 are identical climbing vines. Im praying its my clematis. Time will tell in a few weeks when it starts to flower. Im excited!! What a nice surprise.
I actually was smart this week and decided not to over schedule. Thanks to some threats of rain I de-cluttered my calendar and am enjoying free moments. I am hosting the Social committee for my neighborhood tomorrow night. We have another meeting and I offered up my home. Its easier for me with the kids and gives me a home-field advantage if I feel like running my mouth.. ops, I mean share my thoughts! =o.
Thursday is Emmas drama team pool party at my home. She is excited about this and I am excited about seeing her have fun with friends.
Besides that and church its free time! More time for me to think of ways of expanding my wardrobe... a task never completed. I have my show and tell all ready for Friday so stay tuned!!
Until then I will butter up Gapboy so perhaps a few things at Ann Taylor Loft will be adopted by Muah! After all, a girl has to look good while tending to her flowers...;)

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