Monday, June 1, 2009

My Yellow Roses
Climbing pink Clematis
Yellow and Pink Echinacea
New Pink Echinacea
2 Lavender bushes 

We are well into spring and have been having HOT weather. Tomorrow will be 91, sunny and bright! After weeks of rain and clouds my flowers (and myself) have been basking in the sun enjoying every second. I have recently been described as a lizard on a rock... sunning in the hot sun. Well actually not sunning. Im working hard pruning, watering and taking care of my piece of earth. My flowers are well into bloom time and the ones that have not bloomed yet... will be very shortly. 
 I added a few new flowers to my yard. My latest was bought this afternoon on clearance!!! The state flower... Carolina Jasmine. Its a fast flowery/vining/climbing perennial. Does it get any better than that? A few more were added as well. Some needed to be nursed back to health but in just a few weeks my home will be a flowering oasis. I can't wait!

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