Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Night At The Mall...

Friday night Hubby, myself and my two little sister in laws embarked on a journey for some Thai food and shopping. Some laps at the mall were needed after shoving our faces with scrumptious noodles and stir fry veggies.... YUM!
 First stop of coarse was the GAP!! Lovely cotton surrounded me but I ended up splurging on my 2 oldest princesses with earrings and jeweled tank tops (Im such a good mommy.)
Pork (Lil Valerie) entertained us with impressions,dances and characters... some of which I can't mention here but were sooo funny we all peed our pants. Re-enactments of certain situations kept us in stitches and MANY pictures were taken.
Beef (cassandra) had a mission. A prom dress!! The mission was accomplished while almost getting locked in and forgotten about at Sears...(where bras come to life according to val)
 All in all the night was a success and memories were made. I will be posting more pictures periodically so please stay tuned.

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