Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ten Minutes...

I have exactly 10 minutes to write this blog before I have to jet out of my little red house for yet another mommy adventure. My home has been crazy with visitors,outings and fun. Family flew in last wednesday afternoon and will remain with us through half of this coming week. We have had so much fun shopping,swimming and just catching up on two years worth of living.
Our Homeschool conference is quickly approaching and we eagerly await to pack up the car and head out on our adventures. Two and a half weeks left until we go! Yaaa!!!
Once we return I will be insane busy consigning and organizing everything I own to sell at the August Switcharoo's sale. All proceeds from that sale will be rolled right into Savannah 2009!! Another must on our summer list of to-do's....
Biltmore also has KIDS FREE ALL SUMMER... for anyone that is interested.
I must be off. Time to load up the car and be off. I have plenty of pictures to post tonight so stay tuned.......
xoxo GapGirl

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