Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Muffets Big Day...

Last week my baby turned "2." We celebrated with songs and cake and smiles. Where did the time go? When did she get so big? I have no idea. I must confess I did cry on the eve of her big day. I have no more babies in my home... very odd for me. All my children will always be my "babies" but you know what I mean. I dearly miss the smell of baby skin and the soft coo of an infant. The best parts of the night was always when the house was asleep and quiet... I would pick up my baby (whoever it was at the time) and just cuddle on the couch. Just me and her... the tv would be softly playing and we would just be.
 Baby #6 is still in heaven in the baby closet. We are trying to get her down, we really are... HONESTLY! But the door seems to be jammed just a bit. Perhaps with lots of prayers from my friends and some special tools, she or he will be in my arms shortly... so stay tuned and say prayers for me =)!!!

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  1. Awe, what a fun day! I can't believe she's two! and I can't believe my babe will be two soon also! It's crazy! So, you are set on wanting another! I didn't know you had decided for sure! We are thinking about #2 - Crazy! Just think of our little babies hanging out in heaven together! Hey, my bro Johnnie - just found out today their third is a boy! Due in October - they are excited.



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