Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Its About Time...

It was a true family affair this past weekend as we assembled our much awaited garden. The kids loved any excuse to get filthy and we also managed to teach them a thing or two about each plant. There is always a lesson to learn as we work hard.
 More veggies have been added to this bed since the photos were taken and more will continue to be planted. We all can't wait to harvest and can some delicious red romas. We will also learn the art of canning tomatoes so we will have our supply ready for the winter. I only will make home made sauce and my family will only eat my home made sauce and since my brand is not carried down in the Palmetto State... entrance to my home from out of town guests requiresone or two cases of Tuturosso!!
 My stock recently ran out and left us turning to jars... oh the outrage and disgust!! Anyway, with proper planning and growing we hope these tomatoes can be used for my delicious sauce in the future!!
 Our one little bed will prayerfully turn into 2 next year followed by at least 3 more... one containing lettuces only!! How wonderful to make your own garden salad from.. YOUR garden.
 Next week I will post more pictures and let you know how my crop is growing. In the meantime please pray for warmer weather and sunny days. My flowers need the nourishment and my body needs the tan!!!

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