Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh My!

What a crazy 2 days!! We were without phone and internet for 2 days and life has been busy! We live in a fairly new neighborhood, so construction is always going on. Since I live next to 2 empty lots, crews come by periodically to "freshen" them up. Since its the spring, they came by to dig new trenches for the silk-screen wall going up and the hydra-seed going down. During their careless digging they CUT thru my phone lines disconnecting me from my cyber-world. I was NOT happy. No need to fear, I quickly scouted and hunted the proper people in due time and today all is well. Whew.. what did people do without internet?
 Anyway, while we were all alone in our computer-free world we had fun. I posted some pictures of our activities...
1) Our broken phone wire
2) Hannah WON a trophy and 1ST PLACE in her Mpact girls club at church. She WON the "Women Of The New Testament " award. She learned about community service, collected the most canned goods for our church food pantry AND earned her Tabitha award! We were all so proud of her. We went to sonic and had oreo sundays to celebrate!!! Hannah works hard and diligent at everything she does. I was filled with pride when she showed me her prize!!
3) Molly made Spy glasses in her rainbow class at church. She now wears them all day... every day. She is hysterical
4) We braved tornado warnings, heavy winds and massive rain. The skies were nasty but saved me 2 days of watering all of my plants and flowers. One of the branches on my little tree broke =(. I was so sad, but all of my sunflowers survived the storms. We look forward to the sun and glad no tornadoes touched down near us!!!
5) We watched the season finale of scrubs with smiles on our faces and a happy pie in our mouth. Yummy! That was some really good pizza!!!!

Now that we have internet, we are back in our schedule, learning about the war, enjoying the sun and making our solar oven.


  1. Welcome back!
    I LOVE your backyard view of a few homes and LOTS of land. The first word that came to my mind was 'homestead'. How wonderful to raise children in a area that is quite and has peaceful views.

  2. oh that pizza looks yummy where did you get it from?



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