Friday, May 1, 2009


Getting tan. Are you jealous?? Lol. Its a farmers tan and its due to all of my planting. 
Quick yard update...
 planted 3 new hostas today along with PINK daisies and blue fluffy flowers in pots on my porch AND along the side of my driveway.
 Fixed my windchime in my front tree, it broke and I was so upset... its a cute chicken windchime. But I fixed it!!!
 My wisteria died... I picked a bad spot. BUT my elephant ears are THRIVING and my lilac bush is lovin life. My hydrangea looks great as well.
 SUnflowers are still growing strong.

Date night was great!! But Im tired and can't type anymore. Will post pictures this weekend. Im sorry if my posts have been boring you but my green thumb has taken over. Nothing to fear.... the writer in me shall return all in due time.
Till then, I will make the earth a bit prettier....

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