Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today my Hannah Banana was baptized in the morning service. We believe that baptism by water is a personal choice. A choice personally made by oneself to become a Christ follower and be born again. This can't be done as babies, the decision can't be made for you. Only you can decide to become a follower of Jesus.
Hannah has been wanting to be baptized for a long time. She came to me and said very boldly that she wanted to be baptized and she wanted it done when her Nana and Aunts were here visiting. She was determined and made sure I had talked to the pastors.
All weekend I was nervous for her... and excited too... but she was as cool as could be, confident in her decision and focused on the task at hand.
A few weeks prior, we had discussed what baptized meant. Even Jesus... God's son was baptized. We read the chapter in the New Testament and discussed it at dinner. Baptism is a choice and Jesus was put on this earth for a reason, He had a destiny. He had free will and chose to be baptized and to follow God. Now my Banana had done the same thing.
I got the privilege to walk Hannah up to the tank and hang out with her backstage. My palms were sweaty and my stomach was in knots...
I looked over at her across the way and she was grinning ear to ear. She could not wait to jump in that warm water and publicly make her claim. Shamefully, I can't say I was the same way when I did it 14 years ago. I did it knowing I had to. I wanted it over with and behind me. I mumbled something into the mic, practically threw myself under and ran off to the bathroom.. Not Hannah. She knew exactly what she was going to say. On her card she wrote...

"My name is Hannah and I want to be baptized because in my heart I know I should..."

She had a divine appointment with the Lord that day and nothing was going to stop her. Thats how she always has been.
Exactly 11 years ago Jason and I were suddenly surprised to find out we were expecting. Emma was 9 months old and we were prepared to be a permanent family of 3!! Back then we considered her an "accident." But to the Lord, she was placed on this earth for such a time as this. All my children were. God had a purpose for her and He has a plan for her.
As I looked across the baptismal tank my heart swelled with pride. I know God has something big planned for her and I know she will follow Him. Her faith puts mine to shame and her relationship with Jesus is to be admired. I wonder where His calling will take her and I pray it won't be too far.
My Banana was always special... from the first day I met her I knew... I knew something was different about her. Now as she gets older I know a little more. I cry because I see God preparing her every day. I see her yearning to read the bible and I see her stride towards completing all her Mpact lessons. I pray that I can be the mother God needs me to be to raise her for His timing and I sit here and wonder what I did to ever deserve to be the mother of this very special little girl. A little girl who will grow up and undoubtedly preach the gospel to every creature....


  1. I missed this post yesterday but how wonderful to hear about Hannah and her decision to follow Christ into the waters of Baptism and then angels danced!

    The Raggedy Girl

  2. What a wonderful post...I am looking forward to when my children do the same. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    p.s you and your family are beautiful.



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