Saturday, May 9, 2009

Today was an exciting day for our little neighborhood. It was Garage Sale day!!! Our community had their bi-annual sale. I, of coarse, chose not to participate. If you remember correctly... last year was ALOT of work and very little money. I chose to sit this one out. I did however, tell the kids to get up early so we could treasure hunt.
 As I woke up and drew the curtains back I could not believe the hustle and bustle. My quiet street had turned into a mass car lot. People were coming and going all over. Cars were parked everywhere and people were SHOPPING!! We quickly got dressed,popped some waffles in the toaster and loaded our wagon (with kids and cups.) Off we went.
 I love community yard sales. Its such a great way to chat with neighbors that might not normally cross your path. Everyone was spring cleaning and winter hibernation was over. The kids and I stopped at all the driveways and chatted and shopped. We saw "old" neighbor friends, met new ones and enjoyed the warm sunshine.
 Hannah (miss money bags) hit the jackpot at one particular home. Everyone walked away with a little treasure... happy as can be. 
 As usual, the Pied Piper returned... and I was accompanied back home by 4 extra children. The babies played on the lawn, I watered my flowers and my older girls and their new found friends bought lemonade from the lemonade stand across the street and shopped a bit at "local" sales. We all had a great morning.
 Its now 1 p.m. My peaceful block is back. Most neighbors packed up their goods. Our yard sale is over. The day was a fun day for us. Im looking forward to the rest of the summer...

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