Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Le Marche

Today was my very first garage sale ever! I have been planning and sorting since that little slip arrived in my mailbox 3 weeks ago announcing it. I was forced to clean out closets,boxes and more boxes. Since moving 2 times in 6 months, I didn't have much to sell but did have tons of clothing I could get rid of. The kids caught the excitement train as well and decided to have a bake sale and coffee stand (smart huh?) They planned and made menu's. I baked last night and priced! 6 a.m. my garage door opens, I neatly lay out my belongings and waited for the crowds. I had my new GAP skirt on, my home-made mug-o-coffee.... I was set. The kids were up early with excitement as well. The Wyler home was a buzz with activity. The neighbors came out and were chatting in the street and the kids were running around. Pfeiffer Ct was awake and alive!!! I got the early birds and the weirdo's. One wacko actually was shopping in my garage while I was still setting up. Her and her husband scared me so much I ran in the house to get Jason!! I finally put up rope blocking the garage so no one could enter. All in all it was a lot of hard work and the profits were not great. Will I ever do it again?? Hmm not sure. The fact of the matter is... people are cheap!
Did I earn enough money to buy my dress you wonder??? Well, either way, that dress will be mine!!!
P.s. A BIG Thanks to my new friend "Kiliki" for coming and keeping me company at my sale today. It was very nice chatting with you!!! xoxo

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