Friday, June 6, 2008

Long Live King Harold

Another morning brings another adventure. We were at the pool by nine today and enjoyed the early sun all by ourselves. Getting to the pool with 5 kids might seem like a major feat for some but its worth all the work. To have the area all by ourselves... ahhh. Priceless. Anyway, ��Jason started work late because he worked late last night so before going to work he met us by the pool. He sat under the umbrella while I hung out in the kiddie pool. We chatted away and suddenly heard shreaks from the other side of the pool.."DAD LOOK ITS A FROG!!!" Ugh, gross. I was not liking this. Another dead thing in the filter. Living near woods brings all sorts of uglyness to the waters. "Is it dead?" he asks... "NO DAD ITS ALIVE...CAN WE KEEP IT PLEEAAASEEEE ITS SOOO CUTE!!!?" ..... "NO" I was quick to respond to that one. Jason made his way over to check out this sudden commotion. Before I knew it he had his camera phone out and was snapping away. I could tell by the child-like smile on his face, he was enjoying this moment. The three of them sat and stared at this ugly creature. They helped him out of the filter and onto safety. My girls were in love. They wanted to take him home and keep him forever. Reluctantly I walked over to take a better look. I just wanted to throw up. It was the ugliest thing I ever saw. But I took pictures anyway and now he is on my blog. This will be one blog I will not be reading again. The pictures still gross me out. But I could not help noticing the strong resemblance to King Harold from Shrek the Third. If your clueless than go rent the dvd. You won't regret it.

1 comment:

  1. wow you guys find all the cool stuff in your pool ;)
    He looks like an albino frog lol!!



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