Sunday, June 8, 2008


Can you believe that? I had to take a picture because I could not believe it myself. Let me first clear the air a bit. No matter how many times I tell people, they don't seem to get it. Greenville SC does not have 100 degree weather year round. We have all 4 seasons, we have frost, we have cold winters and we even have snow. The difference between this state and up north are just a few things. We get warmer quicker, stay warmer longer and have more sunshine... (hence the drought every year) We are cradled by the lovely Blue Ridge mountains and reap all the benefits! Despite what everyone thinks 100 degree weather is not an every day occurance ...just a yearly one. For a few weeks in August we do suffer and stay indoors due to extreme heat. I just can't believe we are in the nineties already!!! Normally its only mid-80's. Anyway the nice weather man on tv says it will break by mid-week (hopefully with wicked thunderstorms) and we will be back down to 80's. I can't wait. Our poor thick blooded bodies are not ready for this yet. We spend all mornings by the pool and crank the AC. My central air is AWESOME!! This puppy has no problems holding it at 73 degrees no matter how much that sun is burning. Im tanning quite nicely and unevenly... Chasing after 5 kids will get you the most unusual tan lines. Im ok with that though. I also had to re-plant some hostas as my new elm tree can't give off enough shade and they were burning. So they are off to the side of my house where the sun hides and the air is a touch cooler. I swear they thanked me. Anyway, not much to report today. Just chilaxin and enjoying each others company. In a couple of weeks my house will be buzzing with visitors. I have 3 seperate friends and family coming for a visit between July 1st and August 7th... each staying a week. I get time off and then more visitors at the end of August. This does not include my Father-in-law who is taking a trip down to visit...(shhh he does not know it yet. His wife is making the plans. She is on a mission to move down here and im helping her 100% Hee hee) My mother-in-law was going to visit sometime but since she has not mentioned anything I could not "hold" any time at Chateau Wyler. Theres always the fall... (but Thanksgiving is on hold already...) I don't mind. I LOVE company and all are welcome. Hope to see more soon...

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  1. Wow - Thanks for trading us weather! Ha, ha. So far we have been unusually cool here. It's been awesome! By now it's usually at least high nineties or higher and the high today is supposed to be 63! Awe!!! I'm in heaven! I have seriously been enjoying the cool weather! I'm sure it will be short lived - the blistering Utah summer is inevitable!



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