Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Show and Tell Wednesday...

I decided to dedicate every Wednesday as Show and Tell day. I will pick some of my favorite things and share them with you. Today I chose my bible. Sounds boring, I know. But not to me. I love this book. It was bought for me on my 13th birthday. Its called a student bible in the NIV version. I loved it. I took it to camp and church, missions trips and countless retreats. You name it and it followed me. Sometimes it collected a little more dust than I would like and other times it would sleep in the bed right next to me. When I packed up my room and got married, in the box it went. It traveled to Florida,Virginia,Upstate NY, SC, Ny, back to SC, Back to NY, Pennsylvania, Utah, back to NY and then back South once more. Four years ago a close friend bought me a nice bible cover for it. It has pen holders and pockets. Just what I like. I take plenty of notes and write a lot of scripture down during service. I now had a place to store everything. The pages are worn and creased from days and nights of reading. You can tell the areas that are frequented. They are a little more loved than the other ones. I have written all family births in them, deaths and anniversaries. I write inspiring christian quotes and certain verses all over the front. My bible is not just a Holy book. Its a place of refuge, a place where I can hear God speak to me. No matter how many times I read some chapters, they never loose their power. Its strengthening and so important. I have been taught since a young girl the power of memorizing scripture. Its supernatural. It hides in your heart and God reveals it to you just when you need it. I am now instilling that in my children. I am teaching them that the bible is not just a book that we need to carry to church every Sunday but that it is a necessity in life. I hear parents joke that babies should be born with a manuel... well they are? Except we are given it way before. The bible holds everything you need to make it thru life. Jesus did not live on earth in vain, He lived so that he may help us. He has been there!!! I recently received an email from an old school friend asking about my faith. She wanted to know how to "get" some I guess. Its easy I replied. Just Pray and read the bible. Don't read books telling you how to read the bible or how important it is to read the bible. Just read it. You too will hear Gods voice.
  So thats my show and tell for today! I have no clue what I will post next week. I never plan my blogs. They just "come" to me. Then I must drop everything and write... Like an inspiration. Thats what a lifetime of writing will do to oneself. See you soon!!!

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