Tuesday, June 17, 2008

UN-LImited Too

My girls LOVE LOVE LOVE the LIMITED TOO stores. Its a girls dream but have you looked at the prices? Its $30 for a t-shirt that will fit them for about 5 minutes. As a family with 5 little bodies to clothe, a store like this is by-passed many times. I thank God I inherited my Moms bargain "genes." Its something I can smell a mile away. When that little clearance tag gets snapped on, I hear it and I follow. Tonight after work the family and I ventured to the mall. Seeing as Jason has off tomorrow and its summer, we could be out late and maybe get an extra Z in the AM. First stop was the GAP! Our 12 year anniversary is coming up (actually we have 2 anniversaries 2 weeks apart and we celebrate both..long story but romantic) and I needed something to wear. Aunt Megan is coming and made us PROMISE we would make awesome plans. So I shopped and hit major sales. I bought a few things I adore and ventured on to the next. GAP kids had even better sales. I bought panties for the girls at.97 each, shirts for Noah for about $6 and really pretty tanks for the girls at $3-$4 each. The girls begged us to go to Limited Too... Ok but just for a minute. Jason absolutely goes mental in the store. I don't know what it is... maybe all the shine and glitter but after 5 minutes he starts to twitch and I know its time to run to the car. I walked thru the store as my girls ran around shreaking and oohhing and ahhhing. But I found my haven... The clearance rack. They had TONS of accessories (one of my girls favorites) on clearance super cheap AND buy one get one FREE!!!! I told Jason to take the girls out and I wiped them out...(well of the good stuff anyway) After all a girl can never have enough accessories.... Hannah especially, who inherited her moms need for new, shiny pretty things. Molly is close behind her. Sheesh, I should just buy stock till I die... Anyway,  I bought everything shown above for under $15 I even had a 25% off entire purchase. Im saving them for Christmas to put in their stocking. Its one thing I can cross off the list. Im so excited because I know they will flip. I thought I would share this with you, go check out your local mall, after all summer is just beginning which means that all summer clothes are marked down to make room for Fall... at least in retail world anyway. XOXO
P.S. Earrings are usually $5-$6 each. I got them for .99. JACKPOT BABY (after the b/o/g/o)

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  1. sa-weet on all the awesome deals yay! I love getting a good bargain I shoulda had you peek into Gymboree for me ROFL!
    Have a fun family day today!



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