Monday, June 2, 2008

Lions and Tiger and...Lizards???

It was just another beautiful day in the neighborhood and I took my precious little ones to the pool. I was "treading" thru the kiddie pool (as I hate the smell of chlorine and like to stay near the tiny ones) and thats when my eyes fell across a small shadow at the other end. I bravely moved toward it to get a better look. Hmm, whats at the bottom? A washcloth? A band-aid? what could it....OH NO!!! It can't be... OH MY GOSH A LIZARD!!!!!! I felt like Roy Scheider in JAWS. "EVERYBODY OUT OF THE WATER. I REPEAT. GET OUT OF THE WATER. IT IS NO LONGER SAFE TO SWIM." I was in full panic mode by now. Down in SC we do have all sorts of lizard things and snakes so this was not unlikely but did it have to be here? Today? I got the kids out of the pool, grabbed my camera and bravely dove back in. I had to capture this creature on film. I zoomed in as close as I could and snapped away. We all remained calm and in single file scurried toward safety.  Upon arriving at home I downloaded my findings as quickly as my poor MAC would allow and this is what I saw. So go ahead and laugh at me. Its a fake I now know. A rubber toy left from some waterlogged kid...But you can never be too careful. Especially with creatures of the deep. =)))


  1. oh my gosh too funny I would have reacted the same way, well look on the bright side at least it wasn't a centipede ROFL those things really creep me out and I find them in my bathroom from time to time yuck!

  2. Ha, ha! I didn't realize it was fake until the end of the story when you said so! I was like "What kind of bugs do the have in SC!!!???" Ha, ha - so funny!

  3. The sad thing is that I really thought it was real and evacuated everyone. Im such a dork. Jason got a real good laugh at me all night for that one!!!



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