Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This picture pretty much sums up what I will be doing today. Its cold and rainy outside. School must be done before lunch (because thats when we do our best work.) and hobbies and reading will be finished in the afternoon.

At the library, I took out books on tape for Molly. After we do our formal lessons, I will sit her with some books to listen to/follow along.

I started knitting some scarves with #11 knitting needles and love the results much better than with #8's. I finished 2 scarves last week and sent them off to NY with my sister-in-laws... each in their favorite color. As soon as they were done, I started more. I think they will be gifts for Christmas. I need more yarn desperately but am trying to avoid going out in this weather.

Tonights dinner is Taco's. I know, Im switching things up. For those that follow me on Facebook, you know wednesday nights are tacos and Sundays are sauce. But today called for it and Thanksgiving has wiped out my fridge, so until I go to the store, we will make due.

Our December company cancelled and will visit in January. Im looking forward to seeing them as always but happy to have the whole month of December free and clear. Its nice to return to a sense of normalcy. Goodbyes have gotten a lot easier since we first moved down. We know every goodbye will bring another hello not too far from now so no need to be sad.

We will spend this month continuing our family Christmas traditions, shopping and wrapping gifts for each other and baking our favorite family treats. What could be better than that??

But today is a simple day. A cozy day. A day we put our noses in our books and snuggle by the fire.

Hubby is far from home and we will pray for his safe return over dinner. Once the kiddies are snuggled in jammies and ready for bed, we should hear his voice echoing in the foyer... much later than usual.

Today will be a good day!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Thanksgiving Memoir

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. Our day of Thanks in our little Red House was awesome. I figured I would show you our whole holiday weekend in pictures with some captions. Enjoy!

Our Turkey was slow cooked the night before. By the morning our home was filled with warmth and the smell of sweet delicious turkey!! We prepped the rest of the food and worked up appetites.

I picked up these napkins at my FAVORITE store Hobby Lobby. What a great reminder on the true meaning of Thanksgiving. My little sister-in-laws brought Mario brothers for our Wii with them and Molly and Noah played non-stop upstairs.

Dinner was large and chaotic... just how I like it. We ate around 2:30 and quickly realized how blessed we were. We had SOOO much food.

After dinner I hung out in my chair and snuggled my pretty Penelope. She had a rough day. I was so busy in the kitchen, I didn't have much time to snuggle and rock her. Believe me when I tell you that she realized it. Once my hands got a hold of her tiny precious body, she was sound asleep and I just nuzzled her warmness. My little P. loves her momma!!

For dessert our friends came over with their children and we all trekked over to my cousins house where my other cousin and his family (from Mobile Alabama) were staying along with my Aunt and Uncle. My cousin-in-law has her own blog. MORE NORMAL THAN YOU THINK. Check her out. I Love her!!

Here are the men discussing religion and politics over brandy... naa just kidding but they did have an insane interest in the HVAC unit and played with it for almost the whole night.

My cousin-in-law holding sweet P. while her son Gideon feeds her. Isn't he a cutie!!!

We had pies of every flavor, breads of every kind and brownies with ice cream. We lacked nothing and chattered away!!! The kids hung out in the loft/ 2nd living room upstairs watching movies and playing cards.

Towards the end of the evening my cousin Jon started playing worship songs on the piano and singing (he is a music pastor in Mobile.) The kids joined in and we were all listening to their angelic voices... it was beautiful!

The next day we were in a turkey coma. UGHHH a gluttonous food indulged coma. We made a H-U-G-E pot of turkey soup (which was delicious and currently being eaten as I blog this)

One of hubby's sisters had a friend come over for a night of cards and Black Ops. He recently moved right near us, so she was happy to re-connect with him.

It wasn't long before all the guys (and all my cousins) walked over to my house and played XBOX way into the night. Poor Dawn and I were just about to sleep on the couches. I was almost tempted to pull out the sleeper sofa so we could fall asleep while they played. =p

Last night was the big GAMECOCKS VS. clemson game. HA! We won of course and we sported our gear to support our team! Isn't my Penny the cutest???

My family is flying the friendly skies as we speak. My kids are sprawled all over the floor watching Santa Paws and eating popcorn and the only lights on are the tv and Christmas tree. As sad as we were to say goodbye, we always welcome the peace and normalcy that is once regained. We will relax and enjoy the rest of the evening before we have to jump back into our routine tomorrow.

We had SOOOO much to be Thankful for and we THANK GOD for blessing us so.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Busy As A Bee...

Turkey was eaten

Turkey soup was made

Naps ensued

Black Friday was conquered

Tree is up

And football game is being enjoyed by all.

How was your weekend???

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving...

Our little red house is hoppin! Not only is it filled to the brim with family, but the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving has shown up. Our turkey is stuffed beyond capacity and already in our oven slow cooking on 200. By the time we wake up in the morning, our home will be filled with the sweet aroma of a toasty tom.

4 trays of mushrooms have been soaked in butter and prepped (one tray already eaten and another will be brought down the road to my cousins house) My Cousin Neal also has a houseful. My other cousin and his wife and kids drove up from Mobile
and will be dining with Neal and my Aunt and Uncle.Come dessert time, we will hike down the street, endless pies in hand and join them (along with friends) for a H-U-G-E Thanksgiving dessert. Good times will be had and PLENTY of scrumptious food will be eaten. I can't wait.

The weather today was beautiful. We walked down to the playground to soak in some sun. Sweet P. enjoyed the fresh air. It was such a nice change since my family flew into very gray skies and rain the day before. More rain is predicted for tomorrow, so today was enjoyed to the fullest. Chitter chatter filled every corner of my home. The kids just loved spending time with their aunts. Its been a long 9 months since they were here last.

But Im still beat. Sleep deprivation is still in full force. As sweet as my Penny is, she has NOT mastered sleep... but once I drag my tired body out of bed and look into her eyes, its all quickly forgotten. I then fall back asleep thanking God for sooo much in my life.Tomorrow will be another day I reflect as I do dishes and give constant thanks for having the life I have been given. Its not grand and many would not see it as "special" but to me.... I cannot imagine anything better....

Oh and before you go and eat your turkey, make sure you go and enter THE CHATTY MOMMY'S GIVEAWAY. She is giving away an awesome vintage cookbook of YOUR choice. Whoo hoo. I hope I win, what a wonderful addition to my collection!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rockin The Do....

Yesterday I treated myself to a nice hair cut at an AWESOME salon right down the road from me. usually my hair is one length and long and just put up to get it out of the way but I was desperately needing something different, exciting and stylish so off I went.

I fell in LOVE with this place. My neighbor works there so we chatted a bit and I also met another stylist from Long Island. Actually, 1 town over from where we used to live.
I walked out of the salon feeling fresh and new (along with some new hair products to keep it going) My only complain is that I wish is was shorter. Looks like i'll be headed back in a few weeks for another day of beauty =)))

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Sweet Visit...

One week ago today, my sister and nephew flew in for a way too quick visit. I have not seen them since I first found out I was pregnant with Penelope, so it only makes sense that they come to see her right after she makes her grand appearance.

We spent the long weekend eating, laughing, visiting with our Aunt, Uncle and cousin down the road. Well our cousin and my hubby spent the entire weekend playing black-ops on the xbox but thats a whole other post!

The kids spent hours outside jumping on the trampoline, wrestling and digging in our garden. By the end of the evening they were dirty, exhausted and starving!! They were very busy bees!!!

I even taught my sister how to knit! I was thrilled that she wanted to learn and jumped at the chance to teach her. I introduced her to Hobby Lobby, she loved it of course! She caught on quick too and once she got home she indulged in her first evening of watching tv and knitting the night away. I am SOOOO proud of her. Xoxo

My nephew Bri also was turning 10 so we celebrated with some yummy spanish food cooked by us (requested by the birthday boy!) and singing and cake. It was a very full weekend.

Monday came all too quickly and before I knew it, they were back on the road and on a jet plane to NY! Its always sad saying good-bye to family when they visit, but we are becoming pretty good at it. Tears no longer flow like they used to but the sadness always kicks in a day later.... But the good thing about goodbyes are that hello's are always to follow!

Now our Little Red House is getting ready for even more excitement. My calendar is once again CHOK-FULL. Hubby has off all next week (insert happy dance here) and we are also expecting Thanksgiving family next week as well. I am hosting (as always) and have menu-planning, shopping, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning as well as knitting to do. I am BUSY!! But you all know I love it. I just have to pace myself because Sweet P still demands a lot of my time and I hate being so busy that I can't just sit on the couch and cuddle her.

Speaking of my precious Penny, she now weighs 7 lbs and 9 ounces. Still a lil nugget. She was diagnosed with reflux and has been suffering something awful! It took a turn for the worst on monday. She was miserable almost beyond consolation. THANK GOD our prescription for Zantac came thru and after being on it for only 1 day, she is 80% better... by tomorrow she should be a totally different baby. PRAISE GOD. There is nothing worse than seeing a sweet child sick.

What have y'all been up to? I have lots of blog reading to catch up on. I miss you all and will visit shortly...

Sunday, November 14, 2010


WOW!!! Where has the time gone? Or better yet, where has the month gone? Can you believe that as of today we can officially say.... Thanksgiving is next week??? I can't believe it. Im so behind. Sweet P. has thrown me for a loop. I don't have my menu yet and I JUST bought out 23 lb turkey yesterday.
Yes, I said 23 lbs. In our home, the bigger the better. We would get a larger one if Wal-mart carried it but after all the kids dove head first into the freezer, they came out with the largest one they could find and we snatched it up. More family arrives next week.
Right now my sister is here with my nephew. I would love to show you pictures but since Abby hid my camera cord, I have been unable to upload any pictures. I am NOT happy and rely only on my cell phone for uploaded documentation.

We have been busy trying to resume normal every day life in our Little Red House. Carving pumpkins, Movie nights, beautiful sunny days playing at our neighborhood playground and just enjoying each others company.

Sweet P. is getting bigger and just cuter by the second. She is adored by everyone and I often have to tell the kids to stop kissing her so much. HA!

The weather has been beautiful. Just beautiful. Sunny and 70's every day. By mid-afternoon, windows are open and fresh air breezes thru. We are enjoying it to the fullest and know it can leave at any time. The colder weather and rain are just around the corner so we are soaking up the sun as much as we can.

Hubby and my cousin just got the Black Ops game for Xbox and have been in a gaming coma ever since... I don't mind. Its something he enjoys and he works hard so he deserves it.

I also have been knitting like crazy. I have a deadline and lots of work to be done . My hands have been busy and I am determined to make the date!!!

Tomorrow my sister leaves. Life will be calmer for just a few days and we will try to get back on schedule.

Oh before I go.... A quick update on my intercontinental friends.... they are in Canada and after a few days of setbacks (due to car trouble) they are on the road. Keep praying for them and a safe journey.....


Sunday, November 7, 2010

They're Comin Home

Do you remember THIS post?? What a sad day it was.... our dear friends (and inspiration) were moving to Alaska. I was sure I would never get to see them again except for blog and facebook pictures. After all, its not often we get to travel up to the frozen tundra. They sold all of their belongings, gave away all their precious keepsakes and basically left the continental united states with just some clothes and books....

After almost 2 years in ministry God has made a way for them to return back home, surrounded by the ones they love. Now a family of 9, they are 2 days into their transcontinental monumental road trip. By Thanksgiving they will be home bound. In the meantime you can read all about their amazing journey, their preparation in traveling with that many children all on her blog HERE....

And you can rejoice with me when they finally landed in the South!!!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Messy Is My New Clean

With a 6th baby added to the family, my home is not quite as smooth sailing as it used to be. We are trying to get back on a schedule... somewhat... and we do accomplish some schooling throughout our day but daily tasks are far beyond my reach.

For those of you that know me or have been to my Little Red House, know that I like things neat. A messy home is quickly put back together. With so many people under one roof, it has to be done that way. But...

Since Penelope came to town, I declared messy as my new clean. Clutter as my new friend and an untidy home as a busy home.

A little mess will not hurt anyone even though it drives me NUTS!

But if messy is my new clean, then Im right on schedule ;)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


November 1st really gets me thinking about everything in my life I have to be Thankful for. In our family, we like to dedicate the whole month to things we thank God for. We have so many blessings....

This year we have an extra blessing to add to our list. Our sweet Penelope is an amazing blessing to our family. An answer to prayer, a gift and our little treasure.

Today she is 3 weeks old!!! Where did the time go?? Seems like yesterday I was counting down... 3 weeks till D-day. Now she is here, healthy and getting bigger every day.

But it also gets me thinking about something else. The night I was in labor with Penelope, the hospital was crowded!! Every woman in town decided to give birth.

I don't remember who told me or exactly when. Im assuming it was hubby and I believe it was right before I started pushing or right after Penelope was born but either way, I remember hearing the words....

" Their calling a priest for the people in the room next to us."

At that moment my heart dropped. My euphoria was shattered. Here I was celebrating the amazing birth of my precious daughter when just on the other side of my wall a mothers worst nightmare was happening.

I don't know the details and I don't know if the baby or mom survived. All I know is that throughout that day I was praying for those people in Labor room 4.

As I celebrate every week of her life, I think of that family and what their anniversary is. I pray for them...

It is also a great reminder to me never to take for granted the miracle of life. How blessed I was to be given another baby. How blessed I am to have 6! In a world where children are a burden, thrown away and not even allowed to be born, Hubby and I welcome them with open arms...

And because of that our life is FULL =)


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