Sunday, November 14, 2010


WOW!!! Where has the time gone? Or better yet, where has the month gone? Can you believe that as of today we can officially say.... Thanksgiving is next week??? I can't believe it. Im so behind. Sweet P. has thrown me for a loop. I don't have my menu yet and I JUST bought out 23 lb turkey yesterday.
Yes, I said 23 lbs. In our home, the bigger the better. We would get a larger one if Wal-mart carried it but after all the kids dove head first into the freezer, they came out with the largest one they could find and we snatched it up. More family arrives next week.
Right now my sister is here with my nephew. I would love to show you pictures but since Abby hid my camera cord, I have been unable to upload any pictures. I am NOT happy and rely only on my cell phone for uploaded documentation.

We have been busy trying to resume normal every day life in our Little Red House. Carving pumpkins, Movie nights, beautiful sunny days playing at our neighborhood playground and just enjoying each others company.

Sweet P. is getting bigger and just cuter by the second. She is adored by everyone and I often have to tell the kids to stop kissing her so much. HA!

The weather has been beautiful. Just beautiful. Sunny and 70's every day. By mid-afternoon, windows are open and fresh air breezes thru. We are enjoying it to the fullest and know it can leave at any time. The colder weather and rain are just around the corner so we are soaking up the sun as much as we can.

Hubby and my cousin just got the Black Ops game for Xbox and have been in a gaming coma ever since... I don't mind. Its something he enjoys and he works hard so he deserves it.

I also have been knitting like crazy. I have a deadline and lots of work to be done . My hands have been busy and I am determined to make the date!!!

Tomorrow my sister leaves. Life will be calmer for just a few days and we will try to get back on schedule.

Oh before I go.... A quick update on my intercontinental friends.... they are in Canada and after a few days of setbacks (due to car trouble) they are on the road. Keep praying for them and a safe journey.....



  1. Penelope Ann is Adorable!!! congrats to this welcome addition.;) happy thanksgiving too..We are having the next door neighbors over for dinner..they are picky eaters so it will be a challenge this year.:)

  2. Cute little Penelope! Enjoy her littleness! I'm knitting fast to get a sweater done by Christmas with matching hat for granddaughter. It's a new pattern but I've got it figured out. Will get my turkey on Thurs. with coupon from work that I get each year. Hugs!

  3. She is so cute!
    p.s. thanks for the update on your friends. I went to their blog and prayed for them the other day when you posted it. Sound like quite a journey!

  4. Penelope is adorable!

    I linked to you in my post this evening!

  5. Glad all is going well!She is beautiful!Blessings,Marla Grace



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