Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This picture pretty much sums up what I will be doing today. Its cold and rainy outside. School must be done before lunch (because thats when we do our best work.) and hobbies and reading will be finished in the afternoon.

At the library, I took out books on tape for Molly. After we do our formal lessons, I will sit her with some books to listen to/follow along.

I started knitting some scarves with #11 knitting needles and love the results much better than with #8's. I finished 2 scarves last week and sent them off to NY with my sister-in-laws... each in their favorite color. As soon as they were done, I started more. I think they will be gifts for Christmas. I need more yarn desperately but am trying to avoid going out in this weather.

Tonights dinner is Taco's. I know, Im switching things up. For those that follow me on Facebook, you know wednesday nights are tacos and Sundays are sauce. But today called for it and Thanksgiving has wiped out my fridge, so until I go to the store, we will make due.

Our December company cancelled and will visit in January. Im looking forward to seeing them as always but happy to have the whole month of December free and clear. Its nice to return to a sense of normalcy. Goodbyes have gotten a lot easier since we first moved down. We know every goodbye will bring another hello not too far from now so no need to be sad.

We will spend this month continuing our family Christmas traditions, shopping and wrapping gifts for each other and baking our favorite family treats. What could be better than that??

But today is a simple day. A cozy day. A day we put our noses in our books and snuggle by the fire.

Hubby is far from home and we will pray for his safe return over dinner. Once the kiddies are snuggled in jammies and ready for bed, we should hear his voice echoing in the foyer... much later than usual.

Today will be a good day!


  1. that does sound like a cozy, good day :)

    We finished our lessons already (yay!). It's raining here in NJ, so I am snuggled up with my laptop catching up on blogs while my girls make fashions with their Fashion Runway projector set :)

  2. Sounds like a Perfect Day. It is always good to have a Cozy Day to Snuggle... Those are the best. Enjoy!

    Anne @ http://lessonsthrulife.com

  3. I love making scarves. They are fast and the receiver loves it too. Am knitting on my granddaughter's sweater, is nearly done then get to the hat. Cuz Christmas is coming. Hope your hubby made it home ok. Hugs and sounds like you're busy and happy~that's great!

  4. What a wonderful cozy day! We also do our best work before lunch. I wonder why that is?



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