Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving...

Our little red house is hoppin! Not only is it filled to the brim with family, but the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving has shown up. Our turkey is stuffed beyond capacity and already in our oven slow cooking on 200. By the time we wake up in the morning, our home will be filled with the sweet aroma of a toasty tom.

4 trays of mushrooms have been soaked in butter and prepped (one tray already eaten and another will be brought down the road to my cousins house) My Cousin Neal also has a houseful. My other cousin and his wife and kids drove up from Mobile
and will be dining with Neal and my Aunt and Uncle.Come dessert time, we will hike down the street, endless pies in hand and join them (along with friends) for a H-U-G-E Thanksgiving dessert. Good times will be had and PLENTY of scrumptious food will be eaten. I can't wait.

The weather today was beautiful. We walked down to the playground to soak in some sun. Sweet P. enjoyed the fresh air. It was such a nice change since my family flew into very gray skies and rain the day before. More rain is predicted for tomorrow, so today was enjoyed to the fullest. Chitter chatter filled every corner of my home. The kids just loved spending time with their aunts. Its been a long 9 months since they were here last.

But Im still beat. Sleep deprivation is still in full force. As sweet as my Penny is, she has NOT mastered sleep... but once I drag my tired body out of bed and look into her eyes, its all quickly forgotten. I then fall back asleep thanking God for sooo much in my life.Tomorrow will be another day I reflect as I do dishes and give constant thanks for having the life I have been given. Its not grand and many would not see it as "special" but to me.... I cannot imagine anything better....

Oh and before you go and eat your turkey, make sure you go and enter THE CHATTY MOMMY'S GIVEAWAY. She is giving away an awesome vintage cookbook of YOUR choice. Whoo hoo. I hope I win, what a wonderful addition to my collection!


  1. I love your night before Thanksgiving- you are so organized with all you do- you have to help me.
    I am going to tell my husband how you are slow cooking the turkey and he is going to tell me- Why didn't you think of that?
    The cookbook is actually one that Stacey picked out and the winner will win that particular one.
    Here is the link:
    Thanks so much!
    I really miss you guys- Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I love reading posts about people who love their families and are thankful for what they have!!

    Your life sounds grand to me!! Surrounded by kids and family!! There are no greater riches!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  3. I love the pictures. I can almost hear the happy buzz of family talking and laughing. It all looks so warm and inviting. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!



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