Wednesday, November 3, 2010


November 1st really gets me thinking about everything in my life I have to be Thankful for. In our family, we like to dedicate the whole month to things we thank God for. We have so many blessings....

This year we have an extra blessing to add to our list. Our sweet Penelope is an amazing blessing to our family. An answer to prayer, a gift and our little treasure.

Today she is 3 weeks old!!! Where did the time go?? Seems like yesterday I was counting down... 3 weeks till D-day. Now she is here, healthy and getting bigger every day.

But it also gets me thinking about something else. The night I was in labor with Penelope, the hospital was crowded!! Every woman in town decided to give birth.

I don't remember who told me or exactly when. Im assuming it was hubby and I believe it was right before I started pushing or right after Penelope was born but either way, I remember hearing the words....

" Their calling a priest for the people in the room next to us."

At that moment my heart dropped. My euphoria was shattered. Here I was celebrating the amazing birth of my precious daughter when just on the other side of my wall a mothers worst nightmare was happening.

I don't know the details and I don't know if the baby or mom survived. All I know is that throughout that day I was praying for those people in Labor room 4.

As I celebrate every week of her life, I think of that family and what their anniversary is. I pray for them...

It is also a great reminder to me never to take for granted the miracle of life. How blessed I was to be given another baby. How blessed I am to have 6! In a world where children are a burden, thrown away and not even allowed to be born, Hubby and I welcome them with open arms...

And because of that our life is FULL =)


  1. Great post! I will pray for that family too. So sad.

    I love reading about your big, happy family and how appreciative you are.

    Penelope is absolutely precious!!

  2. I have tears in my eyes because I can relate so perfectly. I look at my 5 month old daugther nearly every day with a flood of emotions. I remember how we weren't sure if she was going to make it (had lots of complications early on) and the moment I found out she was a girl (we previously had 4 boys and 1 girl) and the moment I first saw her! I am so thankful for God's best gift, His perfect gift ... being a mother is the best job I've ever had! Blessing to you and your beautiful crew!

  3. oh my heart. I am so sad for those people. Your little one is precious.

  4. So very happy for your newest little blessing. Your so right in that it is easy to forget how amazing we have it, when things can change in an instant. May God be with those people in Room 4.



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