Friday, October 29, 2010

So Whats Going On???

So, whats going on in our Little Red House besides enjoying our newest tiny family member??

A LOT!!!!

Even though I promised myself to take it easy, dull moments are hard to come by. Here is just a quick overview of things that occurred during my self-proclaimed baby-moon.

1) My 2 oldest had lots of drama practice for their big compel night coming up. Shuffling them back and forth to practices were not on my #1 top spot but they are committed and I fully support this ministry!

2) My Abby-girl got bit by some type of bug which made her leg swell up and get infected. Off to the dr we went where she is on meds. and steroid cream. Thank God we caught it in time. By the next day it was swollen and purple... but the antibiotics got it under control quick.

3) I have some type of pinched nerve/pulled muscle in my neck which causes lots of pain which also causes me to be on tylenol/ advil a lot. Im praying it goes away. Its been almost 2 weeks. UGH!

4) Our church is casting parts for the Christmas play. I was asked to be Mary and I accepted. Hubby was going to be Joseph but due to a heavy work schedule and full school schedule, he had to decline. So, I will still be Mary and Penny might be Jesus!! My kids will also be on stage as possible background shepherds, travelers and kids. Best thing about my part is NO SPEAKING!!. I can just hide behind my costume and hold my baby =)

5) I received delicious meals from neighbors and church families!!! I also was able to get session 6 from my Daniel bible study that I missed. It was AWESOME and I have been catching up on my homework. This study has been truly life changing and amazing. I can't even begin to put into words how this study has impacted my prayer life and faith. I pray it never leaves me. I also pray I can retain this information. My mommy brain is in FULL FORCE!

6) In a couple of weeks our Little Red House will begin to be flooded with visitors starting with my Sissy-Cindy-Lu and followed by everyone else. It will be nice to start the holiday season with those I love.

7) My awesome cousin made a short documentary on our family. It came out sooo good. Still not sure if Im posting it for the world to see as it might be too public. Ya know? Gotta protect the fam some bit.

8) For the first time EVER... my baby weight melted off. I have only 5 lbs left to lose. Its a miracle... my tummy needs to go down more but after 6 kids... I don't expect miracles from it. HA! But since my last pregnancy which was only 14 weeks left me with 8 extra lbs, I still have more to lose. but at least the weight from this pregnancy won't be piled high. Hopefully that old weight will magically fall off too???? POOF!

I think thats it... besides our every day chaos. Almost have the groove down....

Today we resume our bi-weekly crazy shopping day with Miss P in tow... should be F-U-N!!!!

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  1. Hi!!! I am starting to be able to go around and visit my blogging friends. I've obviously missed so much because I didn't know you were pregnant. Hope all is well with you and family! :) I will be around more often again.



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