Monday, October 25, 2010

Am I Milking It???

Its been almost 2 weeks since I was admitted into the hospital . What went from my last OB appointment, turned into a hospital admission, mass texting for prayer and lots of wait-and-see.

For the last 3 OB visits I have been complaining that Sweet P. Hasn't been moving like she used to. I was put on non-stress tests and sent home with a passing grade.

3:30 p.m On October 12th, I saw my Dr one last time and as usual mentioned my concern AND passing NST. He sent me to ultrasound for a bio-physical profile. I wasn't concerned at this point. I had 2 of my kids with me and was excited that I would get to see her one last time before my induction date.

4:15 p.m I chatted it up with the sono tech as my kids colored. Halfway thru the test I noticed how her eyes never left the screen and began to ask questions. Sweet P. was failing her movement timed test and her breathing patterns. Thats when the panic set in. I began texting my hubby who was at home with the other children. I was getting flashbacks. Almost 2 years to the day I sat in the ultrasound room texting my husband telling him to pray... They couldn't find the baby's heartbeat. I felt like I was living that all over again. I just remember telling God how I couldn't lose her... not this far along.... not this close. I would NOT lose her.

4:55 p.m After 30 minutes, the sono was over. She failed. The tech assured me she was fine but I most likely would have to go into the hospital for more testing JUST as a precaution. I didn't know what to do. I had kids with me and the nurse kindly said I should NOT go home but proceed straight to the hospital. I tried my best to suck it up and assure my children that everything was fine and dandy and we were off to the hospital just to check some things out.

5:40 p.m Long story short, Hubby and my Aunt met me in the parking lot and my aunt took the kids and we proceeded up to Labor and delivery triage. I filled him in on our way up and realized that if they had to take the baby tonight, I had nothing. No bags, no camera.... nothing.

We sat in the room and were hooked up to monitors. Hubby DID have his laptop and we facebooked and texted and filled family in. Sweet Penelope seemed to be fine on the monitors or so I thought.

7:30 p.m Finally, my dr. decided to admit me. Miss P's heartrate was not stable. During my light contractions her heart rate would decline. When I wasn't in labor, her heartrate was really high.... I wasn't in full labor but I knew I would be shortly. Unfortunately my dr. thought otherwise.

9:00 p.m Induction was put on hold. Penelope needed to be stabilized before they tried anything. I was moved to a labor and delivery room, hooked up to iv's, monitors and meds and was told to relax till morning. They offered me a sleeping pill to help me rest for whatever the morning held. I declined. My contractions were light but coming steady every 7-10 minutes. My gut told me Miss Pretty Penny would not wait.

We hung out, we relaxed and watched tv. We even skyped the grandparents and chatted it up.

Finally we dozed off.

1:30 a.m. I was awoken by a contraction. They were getting uncomfortable. Not painful but a lot of pressure...

2:10 a.m I was in the middle of a usual contraction when the pain went from uncomfortable to OH MY GOSH IM IN PAAIINN.... literally that fast I went into active labor. In one hour I dilated from 3-5 and my dr was notified. It was official... no matter what was going on with Miss Penny... she was coming out!

3:10 a.m. I caved and got the grand epidural. At that point I took the risks and said who cares. God was good and it went in effortlessly and almost.... almost painlessly.

My dr. broke my water which made me go from 5 to 7 in about 30 seconds (im serious... maybe even 15 seconds...) There was meconium present and again, I began to worry, I knew something was going on and she needed to come out.

5:11 A.m. My sweet girl entered the world during 1 contraction and 4 pushes. Quick and controlled. She came out beautiful and perfect and oh so teeny tiny.

I was worried because she didn't cry like she should have but the drs assured me she was fine.

During her first few hours of life she was seen by the pediatrician and the nicu nurse. Both of them said that she did not look like a baby who failed all of her tests and was under such distress. Not a trace of complications were shown. Nothing... nada... zero... zip... Even my Dr was impressed....

God showed himself over every single aspect of this unexpected delivery. He answered my prayers just like I begged Him too. HE took CONTROL. He called the shots better than I ever could and once again He proved himself FAITHFUL!!!

Why do we (ME) ever worry?

Why do we (ME) ever doubt?


  1. Such a great post-thanks for sharing. I say those same words every time I worry-why?! Why when HE has never failed me do I worry about anything and yet I do every time. So glad it all went ok and you both are doing well. God is soooo good.

  2. Thanks for sharing your birth story! I am a sucker for birth stories and I am so thankful all turned out well with you and Baby! God is so good.

  3. She's so beautiful. I was just thinking of you today and wondering how you all were. Not having FB I've been anxious to hear updates on how all of you and sweet Penny are doing. I can't wait to see her in the flesh!

  4. I'm so glad everything turned out well. And, you have a beautiful little girl! Congratulations!

  5. oh she is absolutely beautiful! I was so encouraged to read your post today. I truly am learning myself how silly it is to EVER doubt our good and faithful GOD. thanks for sharing. I so enjoyed it tonight.

  6. What a great story! I love hearing witness stories! God is Good All The Time!!!

    Actually, I needed to be reminded of this tonight, so thank you!!

    I am so glad Penelope is fine. She is absolutely precious and beautiful!

  7. She is beautiful and what a wonderful story. I sat and cried as I read it at 5:45 in the morning.

  8. I also cried as I read this! Very beautiful story and baby girl!

  9. Isn't it amazing when we start to question or doubt how God reminds us of His grace and how we need Him to get through everything? I just love that she is fine- and you are blessed to finally have a new precious little one to hold again- love you! ttys! :)

  10. Thank you for sharing this. Here I am with tons of tears reading your sweet story. I'm SO glad you are both okay and that your little Sweet P is doing so well. Congratulations again. :)

  11. Beautiful birth story! She's even more beautiful!!! God is good ALL the time!!



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