Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Im Back...

And still pregnant! But I SURVIVED the weekend... an insane weekend... one that almost left me in tears in the Macy's dressing room. But that has passed and we conquered!!

Friday we swung over on the next block and picked up my Aunt for an intense day of grocery shopping. I usually don't like anyone else coming with me when I do my shopping because Im all business but last week I made an exception.

We had so much fun!! And stocked my house with yummy goodies. Saturday I had planned on bulk cooking but those plans got thrown out the window. I needed a dress for Molly's Honor Daisy ceremony and it had to be yellow... Yeah, try finding a yellow dress in October. NOT HAPPENING!!

So the kids and I searched every clothing store in SC for one. Im serious. We went to over 6 stores, not including Mall Department stores... all 4 of them... with no stroller and 9 very months pregnant on a Saturday... I was on the verge of tears by the time we hit Macy's. We decided to leave the mall with NO LUCK and hit just one more place. Burlington Coat Factory. And of course... JACKPOT. A beautiful gold glitter dress and shoes for a great price. The dress is UNBELIEVABLE... just breathtaking. The pictures do NOT do it any justice. So looking back, the pain and tears were worth it all.

After a very hairy afternoon of curling, glittering and dressing the girls, the night was such a sweet success.

She was gorgeous! As my friend said... A crown suites her.

Even Miss Molly was beautiful!

Afterwords, we celebrated with cake!! and celebrated that a very crazy weekend was over and we SURVIVED!!!!


  1. Awww, I'm so glad Missionette's still does crownings. I was an Honor Star many moons ago. My Mom teased my bangs super big, not cool, but I got over it. ;)

  2. Both your girls were gorgeous! And yes, Molly's dress was stunning!

  3. How lovely they look! :)

    Someone said Missionettes? I've only breifly heard of them... not much around our area I suppose. We have Awana and Scouts.

    Congrats to her!!

  4. Most beautiful and thanks for sharing! Hugs and so glad you didn't completely melt down!

  5. How fun!! Your girls looked so pretty. :)



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