Thursday, September 30, 2010

Its Thursday...

Just in case you didn't already know that. I just wanted to blog real quick and let you all know a super busy weekend is ahead of me. I (hopefully) plan on taking pictures for you and blogging about it sometime early next week.

Between shopping day, extra grocery shopping... (time to stock up and freezer cook for after baby AHHHHHH) bulk freezer cooking, buying last minute dresses, strapless bras and such for Hannahs Honor Star crowning this Sunday, buying last minute baby items, organizing the house, finding shoes for my older girls (since they outgrew every pair they owned.grrr) and who knows what else I forgot to mention... Needless to say ALOT of shopping will be had this weekend. Its the last payday before Sweet P comes and I want to make sure the house,kids,pantry, myself and hubby have everything we need for a while....

But as usual I will be twittering alot thru the day and night so if you really insist on keeping tabs of me then just subscribe or check my twitter page... ;)

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!

Xoxo GapGirl


  1. Blog hopped here from Jennifer (Ranch Girl) and I see we're due at about the same time. I'll be 37 weeks on Monday, pregnant with my 2nd, also a girl! :) So exciting! I thought this post was funny, considering we're planning on heading to Sam's wholesale this weekend to stock up the freezer for baby's arrival. ;) Nothing like hitting full term to make a pregnant woman hit nesting overdrive. :P

  2. Good luck with getting everything done! :)



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