Monday, September 6, 2010

"Labor" Day...

HAPPY LABOR DAY!! This 3 day weekend has been relaxing, busy and fun all at the same time. My cousin came by a couple of times and we got to spend some quality time hanging out, watching movies and EATING!! (my favorite.)

Last night he came over with his rotisserie and he made us thee BEST wings I have ever eaten... covered with Franks honey wing sauce and crisped in the oven... OH MY.... finger lickin good!

I also started painting my foyer the best that I can.... Some spots reach up about 18 ft and are just impossible to get without someone else doing it for me, so Im just painting along. Hubby will bring his ladder in and I will do the top trim all at once sometime this week. If you notice the last picture of my foyer, the wall on the right extends WAY up to the top of the 2nd floor... and even the back wall extends up to the 2nd floor railing... so I will have to be patient until those walls can get done properly... But when they do it will look delicious!!! I just LOVE the new color! The foyer curtain will be replaced with a long white one that will be attached to one side of the window and flow all the way down to the floor and we will hopefully get really nice white wooden thick blinds for that window as well.... all in due time. If you click on the foyer window picture it will enlarge and you will see a small black frame on the wall. I want to replace that with a bigger black frame and matte the picture inside of it. The picture is of Hubby and I on our empty piece of land holding the SOLD sign right after we signed our building contract... a great memory and a great reminder of how this house is a blessing of God.... 100%. Something I never want to forget or take for granted.

I hope everyone enjoys this holiday weekend with your families.....


  1. I haven't painted a room in like 3 years- Maybe the time has come? You've inspired me... we'll see! :)

  2. I love your is nice and cozy and I love the new wall color..nice and cheery.;) those wings look tasty too...we use our George forman rotissiere(?) all the time...we used to get this in italy..and we americans used to call it "road kill"..not sure why..but we still call it that..;)

  3. I love that you are gathering your curtain with a hair clip!!! Nice touch! :o) Love you!



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