Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Houston, We Have A Crib..."

Oh how exciting it was. Yesterday hubby and 3 of the 5 kids assembled sweet P's brandy-spankin new crib. I use portable cribs instead of full size ones simply because of the great size and easy fitting and then when they get too big I just switch them to a toddler bed. I LOVE it so much more than a huge crib (which really is too much space for majority of their crib stay.)

I let my friend borrow my port-a-crib but she used it so much she decided it would be better to replace it instead of returning it the way it was... wasn't that the sweetest?? So her hubby brought over this one which is just perfect in every way!! and much more than I expected.

So, here it is nestled in the corner of my room waiting for a sweet little girl to rest her head in it!! I didn't plan on having the crib this close to me but was not in the mood to rearrange desks, chairs and everything else that seemed to worm its way into our master bedroom!! Yeah, not happy about that. Will have to do some major purging to get the room back to my private sanctuary!!!!!!!

And here we are in all of our glory. My Uncle took this picture when he came down to visit. I don't look too bad for a big swollen preggo lady right? The kids don't look happy though... probably were taken off the trampoline or something. I can't remember.

Well, I must be off, the troops are beyond restless and are downright leading a mutiny in my living room. They must be fed and cleaned and sent off to church resembling some type of decent, disciplined children. ;)

My new ladies bible study begins tonight and I CAN'T WAIT! Im simply too excited for words... I needed a girls only bible study for so long and the time has finally come! I will let you know all about it soon!

My September calendar is super booked... and Im still wondering how the heck that happened?? Im a firm believer in simplicity. Homeschooling 5 kids is crazy enough but some things can't be avoided I guess. I will be sure to be on full alert for October so this doesn't happen again. I look forward to Sweet P's delivery and a nice homeschooling break... then holiday festivities galore... with a new member to make memories with.


  1. I can't believe how soon our sweet little baby's will be here. Totally excited.

  2. It absolutely looks sweet and cozy.

  3. I love my ladies Bible study and look forward to it every week!

    I think the crib looks great and I loved having baby close by last time for nursing and such.


  4. you are one cute family..I love your glasses too..just got my new glasses tonight and a pair of sunglasses..get em in 2 weeks...can't wait.:)have a great the new crib..;)

  5. Looks beautiful.I know exactly how you feel.Due in December,very excited also.Still trying to get my house all in order.By the way ,you look absolutely radiant.I do not know what I am having,but guessing a boy.My daughters were so good to me.I only got bellies with them.All the boys ,I got it everywhere.You can tell you are having a girl.I am excited for you ,and your new bible study.I would love that.Blessings,Marla

  6. Very nice crib!

    Whoot Whoot! Now all you need is that precious little baby!

  7. I love the cute little white crib! I just use the Pack n' Play most of the time early on if the baby isn't next to me sleeping! :) You look amazing too. So beautiful!

  8. THANK YOU for all the sweet comments... Im blushing...

  9. oh the crib is sooo cute! And you look great!

  10. So glad you like it! And I'm so glad I still have a reason for not giving the used one back! ;-)



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