Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Babble...

Last night hubby and I were up late waiting patiently with cell phones in hand. His brother and wife who live in Utah were having their 2nd child... a little girl and we could not wait to get the news. At 11:30 p.m. our time, both cell phones were beeping off the hook. We texted back and forth, forwarded texts to other family members and then checked email for cute pictures of our newest family members.

Needless to say, by the time we settled into bed we both were staring at the ceiling...

My mind began wandering around and somehow settled on purses... my love of all purses. BIG purses and all the junk I carry around in it daily.

Thus, this blog post was born. So, I warn you now, these thoughts are from a 9 month pregnant, sleep deprived, bored gal... but im sure someone in cyberspace will find it interesting.

Since I was a little girl, I was referred to as a bag lady. I LOVED bags and would shove everything I owned into any bag I had. As I got older, I switched to purses. I LOVED purses but as a tween, I never knew what to put in them...

When my nana would come over, I would ask her if I could look thru hers. She always let me. She had big black bags shoved with everything but the fridge. I was in heaven!!! All that stuff that she had to carry was just as beautiful as diamonds in my eyes.

As I became an adult, I noticed I am the same way. Not because I tried to mimic my dear Nana, but just because " i just needed to have this stuff with me just in case..."

My big sister is no different. One time when she was visiting me she had this very cool big "Cindy" bag. It looked like it was made just for her... it screamed her name. We were getting ready to go out. She was freshening up in my bathroom as her hand reached inside her bag... and as if she were Mary Poppins.... out came the BIGGEST can of aerosol hair spray I have ever seen. I LOVED IT!!! Just another confirmation of how much we are alike....

( ok tree huggers, don't bore me with details about the ozone layer due to aerosol spray. I read Revelations and it might surprise you but the world doesn't end due to overuse of hair products... just sayin ;)

Anywho, this leads me to todays pictures... My big black bag... courtesy of my big sis... (hey I've mentioned before I have the best big sister... this picture proves it...LOL)

My Christmas gift from her last year. Its a beauty. Its not one of my biggest bags but it holds alot...I would actually consider this a smaller bag but I just love it

You would be amazed at what I insist on carrying in this bag on a daily basis... I feel naked without it and it will probably be right next to me when I deliver Sweet P. (hey, I never said I didn't have issues.=p)

Last weekend after we went Apple picking, we went to the mall and hubby bought me this cute monogrammed cell phone holder. Im usually against belt, purse clipp-y things since I find them SOOOO unfeminine. In usual Preggo GapGirl style, I slammed my purse on the counter and asked the poor teen sales girl a million questions before I purchased. My cell phone stresses me out to no end... especially when its ringing and im out and about and BUSY. THEN, throw in the fact that I can never find it at the bottom of my big black abyss...not to mention hubby has his own ring... so when that goes off it multiplies the stress.... YIKES... can you say anxiety??? so the young girl convinced me this would solve my problem... and my issue with it looking too man-ly... Its clipped to the inside. I LOVE it. I now know whenever it rings that I can access it quickly... it still needs to be stretched a bit to make it easier to get in and out. (thats a whole other stress factor.LOL) As much as I LOVE modern technology.... I HATE it all just the same...

My lipsticks. I never leave home without every color of lipstick I own. I have doubles. One travels with me and another set stays in my very large leopard make-up bag in my Master bath. I don't know why I feel the need to have them all with me. But I just do... along with a mirror and body spray. The body spray is another must...

My middle compartment (the big gold snap-y thing) contains ... well, right now I can't remember. HA! But I do know it has my pill box... some medications just in case we forgot to take them and we are out, tylenol, advil, tums (hubby gets horrible heartburn sometimes), Zofran (when I was horribly sick from the pregnancy) The snap is hard to open for the littles which is great since my Abby-girl has gotten into my meds before in other purses... THANK GOD I caught her in time. Whew, that was a scary moment...

I also have slippers in my purse??? Yeah, I know. weird. I put them in there when I would teach the 3 year olds at church and my pregnant feet hurt... I would slip my soft black ballet slippers on. Now I won't take them out because they fit nice in there and "well,what if i dooo need them one day and I took them out???"

The slippers are kept company by coupons of all sorts, tissues, cream, an overly stuffed RED shiny wallet (LOVE IT!) sanitizer, gum, pens, scrunchies, hair clips, lists and more lists, an organizer, very large sunglasses, keys and anything else I can fit in for the moment.

Hey, It could be worse... I was at a baby shower a year ago and we had a contest over contents we had in our purses. I didn't win. This other mom who had the most interesting bag, won by a landslide....

4 different compartments, and all JAMMED TO THE BRIM with everything you could imagine and more. The stuff she pulled out amazed ME!!! I was in awe and new she was my kindred spirit. LOL! I was in heaven... another bag lady...

So, enough of my senseless, meaningless, useless babble... I want to know what YOU have in your purse. Really I do!! Is it big? Little?? Do you carry the basics?? Is it neat and tidy?? or jammed and eccentric?? And if you blog about it PLEASE come back and let me know... I will be answering comments too. Im trying to get better at that.

Hope you have a great day!


  1. I tend to lean toward big bags. By the way you cracked me up with the ozone layer comment. Hhahahaaa!

  2. lol! Oh my you carry a lot in your purse! :)
    I try to keep the basics...my wallet, a change purse, keys, cell, camera and a lipstick.
    When I notice that it is getting cluttered and I'll clean it out, but I'll find all kinds of stuff! Bobby pins, earrings, eyeliner, my daughters' hair ties, small toys, bills, candy, etc :)

  3. I love big bags too. One of my favorite green Liz Claiborne bag is often referred to as a "bowling bag". LOL. I have a big Vera Bradley wallet, a Gussy make up bag with all of my makeup for touchups, pens, cell phone, outdated calendar (need to get a new one), oxiclean stain remover, an extra car key, hand sanitizer, hair clips, hand lotion, gum and um...a supply of fem. products just in case.
    I take it with me everywhere or I feel like something is missing.

  4. You are crazy- I can't get past the thousand lipsticks- one would never do the trick, huh?
    I have a big bag and I think it is more trouble than it is worth. I only like it when I go to church and carry my bible and lesson book.
    Thanks for sharing!
    When I see your girls carrying these giant bags with tons of goodies, we'll all know why.

  5. Oh my goodness. I laughed out and loud and read my husband the part about reading Revelation and the world doesn't end due to aerosol hair spray! HA! I'm still laughing. Hoping that baby comes soon! And oh, I used to be that way, but since I had my Sweet P it's the basics! My shoulders can't handle carrying her AND a 20lb bag!

  6. Ok, I had to comment on this one. I used to carry just the "necessities" in a small bag. But, since 2 Christmases ago when my big sis got me a Louis (yay!) I cannot even remember all I carry. Even though it is the smaller bag, it fits SO MUCH! I have my wallet, phone, loose change, a makeup bag which is filled w/ makeup, dental floss, tooth brush & paste, and some other much needed things, then I have another little pouch filled with pens, feminine products
    and some other stuff. I keep a small book of Bible promises in my bag, some snacks (granola bars or a ziplock of almonds), sometimes a bottle of water, a coupon case filled w/ coupons, and antibacterial hand wipes! Sometimes if I go somewhere that I don't usually go, I will stuff in my camera and ipod. I think that's enough!

  7. I love your blog! And this was the cutest post! My purse is so boring.. just a wallet, checkbook, chapstick and various other unimportant items. :)

  8. Oh, and loved the comment on Revelations! Too funny!

  9. I have a 'Cindy Tote' from Thirty-One. Is that the same thing? I LOVE mine, we've nicknamed it my Carpet Bag.

    It doubles as my diaper bag. I got sooo tired of carrying two bags everywhere.

    So...it has my wallet, planner, notepad, blue (only) ink pens, an old copy of World magazine, makeup bag with med bottle, my cell phone (when we go out), my beaded butterfly change purse, my two ballerinas' 2010 Nutcracker Performer's Handbook, neosporin and hand sanitizer, an extra contact case (with solution in it), my pink iPod, sunglasses (brighton), all kinds of receipts, library lists, old grocery lists, (probably) last year's Christmas list, diapers, wipes, an extra outfit for both Benjamin and Judah, a few QUIET toys, my keys, extra hair stuff (for my ballerinas), most times a water bottle, and my bible (on Sundays).

    Fun, fun post. I may share this on my blog, I've thought before about doing a "What's in your makeup bag" post.

    Hope you're feeling well!



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