Monday, September 6, 2010

My Big Facebook Gripe....

I've come to realize that with Facebook, you either love it or hate it. I happen to love it. Having many out of state family and friends, I have found that social networking is an unbelievable way to stay in touch.

But its also a great way for me to communicate without stopping my day and picking up the phone. With 5 kids, homeschooling and just our daily grind, I just don't have the time to stop and chat about the weather... nor do I want to. At the end of the day im beat, Im exhausted and I am just LOVING the silence that sleeping children bring. I retreat to my bedroom, crochet and catch up on the day with my hubby. Im able to give him my attention without interruptions, screams and cries. The LAST thing I want is a phone with a voice in my ear.

Do I sound mean?? Maybe its the pregnancy. I have noticed a lack of tolerance for anything the closer d-day comes... prayerfully this will pass.

Anyway, Facebook has been great to tell friends I love them, miss them and keep up with them without it disrupting my day/night.

But I have noticed a HUGE drawback... one that has been urking me to the core... (lately it doesn't take much.ooppss.)

Cursing on statuses??? Being mean on Statuses?? and the biggest pet peeve... COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR KIDS on statuses. We all have those days where the kids drive you nuts and thats fine. I too, have a few of those on my own profile page.

Im talking about the handful of women who daily complain about their kids, the messes they have to clean and their job as a wife/mother/homemaker. Its really getting on my nerves. I have a handful of women as my friends on Facebook that are guaranteed to daily complain about everything they have to do with their life. Morning, noon and night.... complain complain complain....

Even my hubby has begun taking notice of the constant whining coming thru on our home page. His commentary on their statuses are quite amusing... and he and I say the same thing.... if you can't handle the responsibility of your kids then maybe you shouldn't have had them. After all, kids make messes, they keep you up at night, you have to cook for them and clean them. Surprise surprise...

I have also learned (the hard way) the responsibility that Facebook brings. Something im currently teaching my daughter, who just recently got a page all of her own.

Sometimes our statuses are the only things people see of our life. The only glimpse they get into our thoughts, philosophies and beliefs... what message are you sending? complaining? or contentment? Faith ? Or constant frustration?

Of course, on days when everything goes wrong, sometimes a funny status is in order. Your friends get a laugh and you get to vent... nothing wrong with transparency...

But all in all, I will still continue to be active on Facebook... ignore the women who can't handle daily life and try... just try to give them grace....


  1. Love it! Justin and I were just having this exact same discussion last night. Funny, great minds think alike :-)

  2. A group of girlfriends and I were talking about this EXACT thing the other day. One of them posted a status about is life really THAT bad, that you can't find one thing to be happy about? Then it started this whole conversation. As a mother of four small children, one with medical problems, living with diabetes and now breast cancer...I just still can not fathom being so miserable that at some point in each and every day I fall to my knees and thank Him for all He's given me. My kids can be driving me absolutely crazy...and then out of blue, they do or say something or discover something new and it's so incredible that my heart melts all over again.

    Makes me want to scream, "BE THANKFUL, PEOPLE!!!"

  3. I totally agree with you! I much rather read something uplifting and positive than something negative. We all have those days when we feel like complaining...isn't that what our husbands are for?! :)

  4. Ooh. Ouch. This really made me stop and think. What kinds of posts make up the majority of my facebook posts? I'd say I have my fair share of the whinies.

    I love what you said in this paragraph,

    "Sometimes our statuses are the only things people see of our life. The only glimpse they get into our thoughts, philosophies and beliefs... what message are you sending? complaining? or contentment? Faith ? Or constant frustration?"

    Well said.

    I'm with you on the not wanting to be/ having the time to be on the phone. So, FB often becomes a way to vent.

    This post was a great reminder to me to be a little more intentional in the attitudes/ thoughts I put out there.

  5. Maybe they need to be asked what they would do if one day their kids grow up and come across something about how much they were complaining about them. It irritates the fire out of me too! I know I've had my fair share of whiney-ness, but to belittle your children makes no sense, and is downright disrespectful to them. So sad! : (

  6. While I'm not perfect and I'm sure I vent my frustrations on FB, what I really get tired of are the people that say things like (pardon my French), "The designer shoe store was closed today so I could go buy the overpriced pair of pumps I really wanted. FML!" Really? If that is the WORST thing in your life, I'd count you lucky! There are so many people out there with MUCH heavier crosses to bear!! Good post!

  7. I have noticed the same thing too. When I see someone post something discouraging, I usually try to comment them a word of encouragement. Sometimes we don't know what someone is really going through and your encouragement could be the thing that will change their whole outlook on the day :-)

  8. I agree with you on this. I don't like the facebook thing and do not have it. But I always remind my kids how important their words are weather they are said outloud or typed.

  9. Yea Crystal!
    Gotta say it again.
    I do not like facebook and find very few positive things coming from it.
    We all struggle with our kids and what they are exposed to. We put them in private school or homeschool and we do not allow them to watch certain things or hang out with certain people, yet so many people from my own church allow their young kids to have facebook accounts- yeah they monitor who they are friends with, but the just the stuff people leave as their statuses is damaging enough, let alone some of their profile pictures.
    Down with Facebook!
    Join the revolt!

  10. yes, my oldest has a fb page, and I've been trying to drill it into her to be very careful and thoughtful about what she says there- you are right, it is the only thing many people see about who you are- you have to be careful of the impression you can leave by your updates.

  11. What a great post. I'm a recent FBer, and have fallen in love. You are so right about it being wonderful for those who live far away, and it's a major time saver. I DO NOT have thirty minutes for a phone call...but I do have five minutes to read my news feed, and make a happy comment or two.

    I decided from the get go to be positive. Always. So many people think our life with Jesus and 7 kids is CRAZY, and I just want to show them what they are all missing.

    I may just have to link ya :)j

    Hope you're feeling well. And P comes soon! I was going to suggest castor oil to Celee...but she's totally against it! Pineapple. Walking. But really, castor oil.



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